Fair trade month - Why fair trade is not charity

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This month we are celebrating fair trade month, and with this we are diving deep into sharing with you who makes your clothes!

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Transition into fall with our button up dress

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In this post you will find some styling tips on how to transition into fall with our button up dress.

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4 ways to style a floral wrap top from Passion Lilie

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At Passion Lilie we love to give you style tips. Read this post to learn how to style the Passion Lilie floral wrap top and wear your clothes in different ways.

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4 Home Decor Trends to Easily Incorporate into Your Home

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Be bold. Fall 2019 interior design trends aim to make a space memorable. Whether it is bringing nature inside or spicing up your space with rich colors, each trend makes a big impact. Design trends come and go just like fashion trends. And just like fashion, accessories are an ideal way to keep up with interior design trends. Passion Lilie’s napkins and pillowcases are the perfect way to keep your home furnishings on-trend. Find our favorite pieces below:


Why keep nature motifs outside the home? The rise of biophilia, according to Elle Décor, encourages bringing Mother Nature inside.  Incorporate the trend into your space with Passion Lilie’s new pillowcases.  The pineapple pillowcase’s neutrality makes it the perfect piece to go in any room, but the gold accents on the pillow still make the pillowcase a scene stealer. If you’re looking for a brighter piece, the peacock pillow brings color and nature into the mix.  Both pieces add a sliver of nature without allowing it to take over space. 

Bolder Hues:

The neutral shades of 2018 have disappeared allowing deeper hues to take their place. According to Décor Aid, adding richer hues modernizes a space making a neutral room pop. Even the smallest addition of a bold hue, think reds, yellows, and blues, will make a room more memorable. The bright blue dye of Passion Lilie’s Playful Blue pillow has a lushness that will offset a neutrally grounded room.  A classic shade, blue, works in any space, but the Playful Blue pillow has an exciting pattern and a color that will keep guests dreaming of your living room.


Geometric Prints:

The theme this season is GO BOLD, so naturally, geometric prints make a major comeback this fall. The repetitive nature of the geometric print keeps a busy pillow from taking over a room. Additionally, a geometric pattern in a neutral color can be mix and matched with other prints, which according to Houzz mixing prints is another fall 2019 trend. Passion Lilie’s Black Geometric Pillowcase presents the opportunity to add a little interest to any room and leaves open the opportunity to spice up a room by mixing prints and adding color. Passion Lilie’s Black Fog Napkins compliment the geometric pillow perfectly. 


Feminine Tones or Warm Colors:

In contrast to many bold trends for Fall 2019, feminine tones have reappeared offering a contrast to the other fall trends. Feminine or warm colors tend to be reds and pinks incorporating both the soft and brighter shades. Passion Lilie’s Salmon Ikat Pillowcase generates depth in a neutral room without overwhelming the space. Instead the pillow makes the room feel calm. For a slightly bolder take on the trend, Passion Lilie’s Rusty Red Napkins give the warmth of a feminine color but still brightens up any dinner table. As summer fades into fall, the rusty red napkins provide the perfect combination between feminine tones and the traditional fall red.

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From Dark Romance to Saffron This Seasons Top 4 Trends

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Fall means pumpkins, changing leaves, and apple picking. As the season changes, new trends emerge to help you prepare for the cooler weather. This season the typical fall colors of orange, yellow, and purple get a makeover. Purple brightens to millennial purple, red deepens to cabernet, and yellow becomes saffron. Passion Lilie designs each collection to coordinate with the trends of the season while staying true to our core principles: ethical and eco-friendly. Below we explore five new trends for Fall 2019:

Dark Romance:

According to Harper’s Bazaar, dark florals will make a comeback on feminine styles Fall 2019. Passion Lilie’s Scarletta Organic Jersey Dress puts a New Orleans twist on dark romance trend. The cabernet color and light material allow the dress to take on a lighter interpretation of dark florals. Yet, the dress still incorporates the airy florals and deep base color that define the Dark Romance trend.

Millennial Purple:

Millennial Pink disappears allowing Millennial Purple to take its place this fall, according to Elle. The electric purple color always turns heads. Passion Lilie’s Plum Striped Button Skirt gives the necessary dose of vibrant purple without it over taking the skirt. The Plum button skirt is a statement piece that allows the different shades of purple to complement each other rather than overwhelm. Furthermore, the light weight material and length of the skirt make it the perfect transitional piece.


First fanny packs became chic and now fleece is making a comeback. The cozy fabric gets a stylish update for fall. Passion Lilie has brought back our fleece jackets from the previous seasons with the special addition of fleece dresses. Meet our favorite transitional fall piece the Hazel Fleece Organic Dress. As the weather starts to cool down, the fleece lining will keep you warm and with the simple addition of tights and boots, the dress can take you into the winter months. The neutral and whimsical pattern allows the piece to be worn all season long.


Saffron, a rich yellow, is a bright star among fall colors. The typical neutral colors of fall get an upgrade when paired with saffron. Passion Lilie’s Blue Vine scarf has the perfect amount of saffron in the leaves to make even the most basic outfit pop. An added benefit of the Blue Vine scarf is that the light material and blue, yellow combination make it wearable all year round. Even on the drabbest days the saffron in the scarf will make all your friends want to borrow it.

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5 Tips for a Sustainable 4th of July

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1. Go green with your picnic supplies. Plastic forks, plates, straws, etc. are bad for the environment. Some plastics can take up to 1000 years to decompose. So what do you use instead of plastic? We suggest using your regular dishes. Bring along a couple paper bags for the dirty dishes and when you get home simply wash the dishes and utensils in the dishwasher, ideally in an eco-friendly dishwasher with green dish washing soap.

However if you don’t want to use your regular dishes, you may consider investing in this super cute 10-piece bamboo picnic set.


Cut down on the paper napkins at your 4th of July picnic with these 100% cotton cloth napkins. We recommend one of the darker colors. However, these napkins wash well even if you purchase a lighter print. Simply add a little eco-friendly laundry detergent to your wash cycle and all the stains will be removed in the wash.

2. Keep your BBQ healthy for the environment: So what is the most eco-friendly and green grill? An electric or even a solar powered grill. Of course, not everyone has one of these types of grills, but the next best option is gas. Grills fueled by gas or electricity burn much cleaner than charcoal and therefore have a significantly smaller carbon footprint.

3. Dress stylish in organic and fair trade cotton. Cotton is the best to keep cool in the summer heat, and what is even better than traditional cotton is GOTS certified cotton. GOTS certified ensures that no pesticides or harmful chemicals were used in the production process. Our favorite option is the red, white and blue Sparkler Top from Passion Lilie. Pair it with the Chambray Ikat Shorts for comfy and stylish look.

4. Don’t forget to recycle. We all love to enjoy a nice cold drink on 4th July, so make sure to recycle those aluminum cans and glass bottles. If your 4th of July location does not have recycling, take it with you and recycle at your house. And most importantly if you are in an outdoor setting (especially a beach or national park) make sure to leave no trace. Pick up all trash and leave your spot cleaner than you found it, just like your momma taught you.

5. Purchase local, fair trade or organic food when you can. Check out your local food co-op or Wholefoods for organic, fair trade or local foods. Make sure to look for some of these certifications on your products.



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Ethical Father's Day Gift Guide

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Father’s Day is the perfect occasion to show your father how much you love them. Finding the perfect gift that conveys your love for your father can be difficult, but by choosing a gift that gives back to both the artisans and the environment, you can make a positive impact in the world while also gifting your father something special. When picking a gift for your father, take notice of the items, he frequently wears, then use those items as a guide when shopping for him. When you’re ready to get shopping check out some of our favorite sustainable products!

Want to get your father something unique? This bow tie is made from cork, yes, the same material as wine corks. Cork is a sustainable material from trees in Portugal and extremely durable. All of Queork’s products are made in New Orleans. A cork bow tie is a perfect gift for the father who loves funky clothing. Order yours online or if you live in New Orleans visit their stores on 3005 Magazine Street or 383 Charters Street.


Every man needs a good pair of boots, especially a pair that can be worn for many different occasions. Oliberté, a Fair Trade corporation and a B-corporation, makes all their shoes in their factory in Ethiopia. The Adibo Chukka can be worn to both to the office and during the weekend making it the perfect gift for the busy father. 

Update your dad’s style by gifting him a new wallet. This wallet, the Rubben, from Matt and Nat is made from vegan leather. Matt and Nat is a vegan leather goods company that puts emphasis on sustainability and ethical factories.

Gift your father a brand a new shirt to make sure he always looks stylish when leaving the house. With the weather warming a comfortable, cotton button down is the perfect item for barbeques, baseball games, and the office. For a subtler print, the Salmon Ikat goes with everything. The Cobalt Blue shirt’s deep blue color echoes the ocean making it perfect for those lazy summer days down by the ocean.


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