Passion Lilie’s Guide to Sustainable Men’s Fashion

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Passion Lilie was born of a conviction that sustainable fashion should be attainable for all bodies, styles, and budgets. We emphatically believe that sustainable fashion is the answer to brands like H&M, Zara, and Gap that are taking a massive toll on our environment. Sure, their clothes are trendy and affordable, but someone is absorbing that cost so that we don’t have to. Somewhere in a dangerous factory (maybe even right here in our own country) a human being is sewing their thousandth garment of the day, earning barely enough to eat. Toxic chemicals are being dumped into waterways around the world, and landfills are overflowing with cheap, plastic-laden clothes.

It doesn’t have to be like this. We can’t rely on legislators to regulate the global fashion industry, but we can do our part to support brands that treat workers ethically and take care of the environment. Money talks, and brands listen when their consumers speak with their wallets. If you feel overwhelmed by sustainable men’s fashion, we’re here to take the guesswork out of it for you. Read on for some of our favorite sustainable brands and why we love them.


Cariuma is a Brazilian sneaker brand that encourages embracing personal style over current trends. When you buy what you like, you buy fewer things – getting more wear out of your clothes while producing less waste. Cariuma sneakers are made from high quality, ethically sourced materials like organic cotton and rubber. They prioritize the mental, emotional, and physical health and well-being of their workers and place their highest value in their craftsmen and women. With several styles and more than a dozen colors to choose from, there’s a Cariuma sneaker for everyone.

Navy sneaker


When it’s time to shop for outerwear and outdoor gear, Patagonia is our go-to. They focus on reducing carbon emissions by continually transforming how they make and transport their products. Patagonia advocates for moving away from fossil fuels and protecting nature – they seek systemic change from government and industry. You can also participate in Patagonia’s Worn Wear program by trading in and buying used Patagonia gear.

87% of clothing ends up in landfills or gets incinerated. One of the best things we can do for the planet is keep stuff in use longer and reduce our overall consumption. That means buying less, repairing more and trading in gear when you no longer need it.

Man hiking wearing gear and outerwear

Harvest & Mill 

Harvest & Mill Organic Clothing is 100% made in the USA, starting with organic cotton grown in American soil. By supporting USA organic cotton farmers, Harvest & Mill is supporting the people who are on the front lines of preventing climate change, showing a path for other growers to transition to organic and helping to keep our planet clean for generations to come. The company also boasts a 100% American supply chain, which reduces the distance raw materials must travel and thereby minimizes the environmental impact. Harvest & Mill employs family-owned factories less than 15 miles from their design studio in California. They know the people who make their clothes by name. 

We love Harvest & Mill for casual days around the house, working out or running errands. Their t-shirts, joggers, and socks are a great place to start for a capsule wardrobe or for stocking up on basics.

Man wears Harvest & Mill joggers and t-shirt

Neem London

When you need something to wear to the office, the theatre, or a special event, look no further than Neem London for high quality sustainable men’s fashion. Next to each garment on the website, you can find information about the product’s lifecycle from farming to packaging to transportation. We love to see the transparency! 

Neem’s dress shirts are made from 100% regenerative cotton – a biodegradable fabric that doesn’t add to landfills. When your Neem garment reaches the end of its life, you can send it back (even with tears and stains!) to be recycled, and you’ll receive a credit for your next purchase.

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United By Blue

As New Orleanians, we would be remiss not to include a good swimsuit in our list of favorites! United By Blue makes a ton of great products including outerwear, t-shirts, and fanny packs, but we love their board shorts for a hot summer day on the water. For every pound of product purchased, United By Blue removes one pound of trash from oceans and waterways. 

United By Blue uses nontoxic, regenerative fibers that keep harmful pesticides out of the environment and do their best to keep their processes clean from the beginning. They’re committed to producing clothes on a slow fashion timeline to avoid waste and overproduction, and their manufacturing partners hold some of the highest certifications in social and environmental health.

Pair of blue, yellow, and green board shorts Navy belt bag

Passion Lilie

We couldn’t create a list of our favorite sustainable men’s fashion brands and not include Passion Lilie! Out of the six excellent brands listed here, Passion Lilie is one of two to achieve a “Great” designation by Good On You, a tool we use to learn about sustainable brands (the other is Harvest & Mill). Good On You ranks brands from “We avoid” to “Great” based on their proven commitment to sustainable practices. Passion Lilie’s “Great” designation means that we demonstrate leadership in all three core areas: people, planet, and animals. We’re recognized for being very transparent and having strong policies to address the most material issues across our supply chain.

Passion Lilie is dedicated to sourcing thoughtfully: we use materials that will not harm people or the planet. Understanding the negative impact of pesticides on biodiversity and the health of farming communities, we use durable natural fibers, organic cotton when we can, and nontoxic dyes. We believe in nurturing economic sustainability by collaborating with partners in India who pay fair and living wages, create a safe and healthy work environment, and invest in the overall wellbeing of the artisans. 

Most importantly, our sustainable men’s fashion pieces are stylish and comfortable! Our button down shirts are gently tapered at the waist with a straight and narrow profile and a broader fit in the shoulders gives for the perfect fit. For cool and casual bottoms, our men’s shorts are designed for everyday comfort. They’re ikat woven and have a drawstring for optimal fit.

Man wears button down Man wears green shorts and button down shirt
What are your favorite sustainable men’s fashion brands? Share with us in the comments! And for more non- fast fashion brands check out Urbane Biome's list.

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