The Very BEST Father's Day Gifts of 2023

Father’s Day is around the corner and Passion Lilie has everything you need to make the dad in your life feel adored. We’ve got ideas for the dad who has everything, the guy who prefers experiences over gifts, and something for every love language. 

A Father’s Day gift for the stylish dad: We used to gravitate toward ties and dress socks, but since the pandemic, workspaces and special events are trending toward more casual attire. This Father’s Day, give dad something he can wear for work, festivals, grocery shopping and everything in between. Passion Lilie’s button down shirts are made from ikat woven cotton. They’re slim fit shirts with a straight and narrow profile and broad shoulders. 

Passion Lilie also offers ikat shorts to help get your dad dressed for summer. If you’re looking for the perfect throw-on-and-go shorts, look no further than our selection of handwoven shorts.

Oh, and while you’re shopping don’t forget to grab something for yourself! Check out our bags made from the leftover fabric of our men’s shirts. You may even find one to match his new shirt!

Man wearing ikat button down shirt Man wearing shorts and button down shirt Crossbody bag

 A Father’s Day gift for the papa who loves to cook: if the guy in your life feels best when he’s serving up something delicious for his family and friends, a sous vide cooking kit is the perfect gift. Sous vide cooking utilizes precise temperature control with circulation to produce results that you can’t achieve through any other cooking technique. With precise temperature control, sous vide ensures food is cooked to the perfect temperature every time, and (BONUS!) reduces waste. Traditionally prepared food dries out and results in waste. For example, on average, traditionally cooked steak loses up to 40% of its volume due to drying out. Steak cooked sous vide loses none of its volume.

Dad already has all the cooking gear he needs? Spring for some good cuts of steak from his favorite local shop or gather up a cornucopia of fresh vegetables from the farmer’s market if he would prefer to go meatless! 

Person cooking with a sous vide kit

 A Father’s Day gift for the sporty dad or the one who prefers experiences: Spend some quality time together this Father’s Day with a trip to your nearest Topgolf! Make your reservations in advance as they may book ahead for special occasions. He’ll love spending time with his favorite people doing something that he loves (whether he’s any good or not)! Topgolf has delicious snacks and drinks, so give yourselves the night off from the kitchen – enjoy a cheeseburger and a craft cocktail! 

Topgolf venue

 A Father’s Day Gift for the outdoorsy dad: Grab some sustainably made sunglasses (we love these from Sunski) and plan a fun day outside. Check out the local nature trails, pack a park picnic, plan a backyard campout, or lounge by your nearest body of water. Whatever your guy enjoys doing, he’ll do it in style and comfort with his new shades. 

Polarized sunglasses

A Father’s Day gift for the guy who just loves to give: My favorite gift for any time of year is a philanthropic donation to an organization that he loves or one that makes you think of him. We know a lot of dads who don’t care about gifts but who do care a lot about other people. What better way to honor him than a charitable gift in his name? One of our favorite local nonprofits (and a perfect choice for Father’s Day) is an organization called Son of a Saint. Son of a Saint provides mentorship, education, recreation, camaraderie, cultural enrichment, emotional support and helping to fill the void for dozens of fatherless young men in New Orleans.

Young men gather for a ceremony

 A Father’s Day gift for the sentimental papa: Is it a little dusty in here or is this precious book getting to him? Personalize it just for him with the kids’ names, what they call dad, book color and dedication. You can customize it with the names of up to four children. This is a great Father’s Day gift for dads who feel most loved through words of affirmation. Pair it with a homemade card and enjoy a special story time. 

Little girl reading personalized book

 A Father’s Day gift for the guy who loves a gadget: Perfect for the runner, lifter, pickleball player, or really hard worker, a massage gun is a gift that you may benefit from, too! There are tons of options out there, so find one that fits in your budget and give him the gift of relaxation.

Massage gun with parts

 A Father’s Day gift for the dad who’s always taking care of things:  If his love language is serving others, Father’s Day is a great opportunity to do something to take care of him. Take his car to be washed and detailed, and – if you’re like me and need to have a physical gift – give him a gift certificate for another car wash to use later. To make it super easy for him (and you), find someone locally who will come to you! 

Person washing a car

A Father’s Day gift for the father who needs some “me time:” If the dad in your life cherishes a few minutes of quiet, relaxing down time, grab a basket and gather some gifts that will give him just that. Bayou Soaps are the item dads gravitate toward in Passion Lilie’s storefront. They smell delicious and they last forever. Fun fact - they’re made by a Grammy award winning saxophonist from New Orleans! 

Another excellent addition to your gift basket is a package of JusTea Purple Leaf Tea. Fairly traded and farmer-direct, drinking JusTea’s Purple Leaf Tea directly benefits Kenyan farming families. Purple Tea leaves have more antioxidants than any other tea leaf! The leaves have anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer properties and reduce cholesterol, boost cognitive function and prevent colds and flus. And because of how this tea is produced, it has half the caffeine of green tea. The company works with small-scale tea farmers, providing new opportunities for sustainable growth and employment for their families with a focus on ethical, natural and quality tea. We carry it in store and you can order from their website if you’re not local to New Orleans. With his tea and his fine soap, he’ll feel like royalty!

Stacks of Bayou Soaps Tea spoon with tea

We hope you have the happiest Father’s Day celebrating with your loved ones. Let us know if there are any great gifts we missed!

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