Political Fashion Trends: Using Fashion to Express Your Beliefs

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Shirts, pants, and jackets on a clothes rack, any of which could feature political fashion trends.

On the surface, the fashion industry seems a world apart from politics. Yet fashion and politics have long been intertwined, as both women and men have used their attire as a way of conveying their social and political views. Contemporary political fashion trends may look different than those of centuries gone by, but fashion remains an effective and accessible way of broadcasting your beliefs and standing up for your views.

When you wear fair trade and ethically made apparel, such as this long-sleeved white top from Passion Lilie, you can support your beliefs in fair pay and eco-friendly clothing.

Fashion Trends and Political Beliefs: A Historical Perspective

Take a look at nearly any society, and you can find instances where politics have impacted its fashion. In the 18th century, for instance, some Englishmen took to wearing short, colorful suits and adopting other eccentric styles as a political statement in opposition to the more traditional Whigs. Even the type of fabric worn, such as silk or wool, could be used to reflect the politics of international trade at various points in history.

Silk fabrics in a variety of colors and designs, which could have been used to reflect the politics of international trade.

As a historically marginalized group, women have forged a unique relationship with fashion, especially as a vehicle for political expression. Denied most other means of expression, many women turned to one of the few aspects of their lives they could control: their clothing.

Just as men were able to make a political statement with the fabrics included in their clothes, so too could women. According to the Yale Press Log, Britain promoted the silk designs of Anna Maria Garthwaite in the 18th century as a way of declaring their patriotism and asserting their superiority over the French in the silk industry.

But this political fashion trend took a different turn in what would become the United States. During the American Revolution, many colonial women boycotted British goods, including Garthwaite’s silks. Meanwhile, the Daughters of Liberty and other American women made their own clothing as a patriotic act.

Fast forward a couple of centuries, and women were still using fashion to provide a glimpse into what they felt passionate about. In the 1960s, women in America were in the midst of a sexual revolution. They wanted the men in power to know that they were no longer going to be controlled or suppressed—and, as such, fashion trends began to change swiftly.

A woman from the 1960s strumming an acoustic guitar and wearing a minidress, whose hemline is above the knee and reflects the feminist political fashion trends of the time.

According to Time magazine, miniskirts appeared in America during the ‘60s as a feminist push against the previous decade’s concepts of womanhood. More and more women began wearing pants, and bras were being burned in the streets. Women were using newfound freedoms to rid themselves of old gender norms and ideas, and political fashion trends were a critical part of the process.

Stylish, sophisticated, and sustainable, this little black dress and all Passion Lilie dresses are part of fair trade and eco-friendly political fashion trends.

Today's Most Iconic Political Fashion Trends

Protestors holding signs and wearing hats, bandanas, and t-shirts with political slogans emblazoned on them.

Fashion has been used to express politics for centuries, and the new millennium is no exception. As technology has allowed for instantaneous dissemination of information, a new political climate has formed—one that is both dizzying and polarizing. People of all walks of life have the ability to broadcast their political opinions on social networks that reach thousands upon millions of users, but that has not replaced fashion’s role in politics. In fact, certain political fashion trends have gained additional exposure on social media, allowing them to grow even more.

Some of the most iconic political fashion trends of today include:

— The Red Baseball Cap: When Donald Trump emerged as a political candidate in 2015, he brought along with him a baseball hat that would become a political symbol for years to come. The simple red hat, emblazoned with the phrase "Make America Great Again," would become the mascot for his campaign, while its slogan became a rallying cry for his supporters leading up to the 2016 election. The hat was a hit among the throngs of supporters, who continue to wear them to show their support for the 45th president.

— The Pantsuit: On the other side of the aisle in 2015 and 2016 was Hillary Clinton, the Democratic nominee for president, who was also the first woman to run for president with the support of a major political party. She came to every campaign event in a professional pantsuit, which would soon become her trademark. Her supporters began donning their own pantsuits, often sharing photos of the outfits online, to express their support for her campaign.

— The Pink Knit Hat: The pink knit hat is another iconic political fashion statement from the 2016 election. Bright pink and knit (or, in some cases, sewn) to give the appearance of two cat-like ears on top, these hats were popularized by protestors in the Women’s March of 2017, which occurred in Washington D.C. and across the country to protest Donald Trump’s inauguration. The hat became a symbol of feminism for the modern age and a political fashion trend among women of all ages.

    How Can You Express Your Opinions and Beliefs Through Fashion?

    People at every point on the political spectrum have the opportunity to express their political and social beliefs through fashion. Even those who do not consider themselves very fashionable can use the clothes and accessories they wear to make a statement. Consider these ideas to get started!

    1. Wear the color of a cause that is important to you.

    A young woman facing away from the camera with a light pink bow in her hair, which could be a fashion choice or a subtle, private political statement in support of breast cancer awareness.

    Perhaps you have had an aunt or close relative succumb to their battle with breast cancer. Or maybe you’re a survivor yourself. You can use the color pink—which is the official color of Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October—to show that this cause is near and dear to your heart while raising awareness.

    Many illnesses, conditions, and causes have an official color that represents their organization, making this an easy, personal, and subtle way to showcase what means the most to you.

    2. Purchase products from businesses that practice what they preach.

    Ikat woven fabric from Passion Lilie, shown here in a white, blue, and turquoise diamond pattern and made with environmentally friendly dyes and materials.

    Whether you care about fair wages or vegan materials, you can find and support businesses that share your ideology and put it into action.

    Here at Passion Lilie, we offer our customers unique clothing, accessories, and homeware that are both stylish and ethical. We are a proud member of the Fair Trade Federation, and we provide fair wages, safe working conditions, and dignified employment to the artisans in India who work with us.

    Passion Lilie is also eco-friendly. We use environmentally responsible materials, such as organic, pesticide-free, non-GMO cotton and azo-free dyes. In addition, we employ sustainable practices that use natural energy and reduce our water consumption and waste.

    By purchasing from companies that share your beliefs, you can support your favorite causes financially while also sharing your priorities with the world around you.

    Support fair trade and ethical practices on a budget with our clearance items, such as this fashionable blue top.

    3. Select clothing that expresses your views.

    A young man sporting a t-shirt with an image and quote from Mark Twain, demonstrating how easy it is to use clothing to promote political fashion trends.

    Expressing your views can be as simple as getting the right words, images, or hashtags printed on a piece of clothing. Political fashion does not have to be subtle, and many of today’s trends make it easy for you to shout loud and clear what you believe in.

    T-shirts, bags, and hats are all common articles of clothing that can be used to express a political sentiment. These items allow you to be proud and confident in your own belief system, and they give you an opportunity to express yourself in a way that is blunt and unapologetic.

    Regardless of what you believe, you have the ability to use the clothes you wear as a way of expressing yourself. Fashion is about more than just matching colors or flattering a figure. Fashion is a way to express who you are inside, sharing yourself and even your beliefs with the world.

    All Passion Lilie products are designed in New Orleans and made in India, like this stylish blue button-down dress.

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    Why Is Ethical, Sustainable Clothing Important?

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    A woman wearing Passion Lilie's Green Garden Dress, a blue-green dress with white floral print, cap sleeves, and side pockets. Made in Bangalore through fair trade, this is a prime example of ethical, sustainable clothing.

    What do you consider the most pressing problems in the world today? You might say the environment. As the demand for freshwater increases in the United States, we face potential price increases, water shortages for our wildlife, and many other consequences. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, one-third of American households struggled with their energy needs in 2015. We have also steadily generated more and more waste over the years, filling our landfills, not to mention a whole host of other environmental problems faced by the U.S. and the rest of the world.

    While the Earth is suffering, so are many of its people. Health inequity and wealth inequality abound, both in the United States and throughout the globe. The World Health Organization reports that the average life expectancy is just 62 years in low-income countries, while it’s 81 years in high-income countries. Meanwhile, the richest 1% of the global population owns 45% of all the wealth in the world, while many others remain impoverished and struggle to improve conditions for themselves, their families, or their communities.

    No matter what you think the world’s biggest issues are, you are unlikely to think of fashion as either a problem or a solution. Yet ethical, sustainable clothing can actually help address many of these issues in ways you may not expect. Even better, clothing is something that everyone needs and uses, making it an extremely accessible avenue for the average person to affect change.

    This stylish blue top from Passion Lilie is ethically made and affordably priced. Even those on a budget can make a difference by shopping ethical items on clearance.

    In the United States, we spend over $350 billion shopping every day. That’s more money than our entire country gives to charity over the course of a year! Imagine all the ways we could change the world if we spent more of that money shopping for goods and services that give back. As an ethical, sustainable clothing company, we’re here to tell you how buying ethical clothing online or in stores can make a positive impact on the world around us.

    What Does Ethical Fashion Mean?

    Simply put, ethical fashion is fashion made ethically. This can encompass a whole host of business and production practices aimed at treating your workers fairly and minimizing your impact on the environment. In short, ethical fashion means your clothing is eco-friendly and people-friendly.

    Ethical Fashion Is Fair Trade

    One of Passion Lilie's fair trade artisans from India, pictured here smiling while looming fabric.

    So what does ethical fashion mean in terms of fair trade? Fair trade is a global movement to promote trade that is equal, just, and empowering. When you buy fair trade clothing, you know that your clothes were not made using unethical practices, such as sweatshop labor or child labor.

    This long-sleeved white top from Passion Lilie, along with all our apparel, is fair trade and ethically made.

    Fair trade focuses on creating dignified and empowering employment for workers in underserved areas. Typically this means working with people in developing countries, but it can also mean providing jobs for underserved communities right here in the United States.

    These are just a few of the characteristics of jobs supported by the Fair Trade Movement:

    — Workers receive long-term employment opportunities.

    — Working relationships are built on transparency, trust, and respect.

    — Workers receive fair wages, and men and women are paid equally.

    — Workers are provided with safe and healthy working conditions.

    — Workers have free speech and can voice their opinions.

    — Workers are protected from prejudice, discrimination, and abuse, including sexism, racism, sexual harassment, and more.

    — Workers have access to healthcare and time off.

    — Workers can improve their skills through further education, job training, and other opportunities.

    — Workers have access to financial assistance to help them gain independence and escape poverty.

    — Workers’ opinions are valued, and workers can participate in workplace decisions.

    — Workers are genuinely happy and comfortable at their jobs.

    By buying fair trade, ethical clothing online or in stores, you can support positive, uplifting, and ethical working conditions around the world. Take a look at our top 7 reasons you should buy fair trade clothing for even more great benefits!

    Why Fair Trade Clothing Is Good For You

    Want to share these reasons to buy fair trade clothing? Just copy and paste the code below to embed them on your website, or feel free to share on social media!

    <img src="https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0240/6641/files/passionlillie-infographic_1024x1024.jpg">
    <p>Seven Reasons You Should Buy Fair-Trade Clothing - An infographic by <a href="https://passionlilie.com">Passion Lilie</a></p>

    Ethical Fashion Is Sustainable

    A photo of trees and dense foliage in an Indian village taken on one of our founder's trips to visit the artisans who make our ethical, sustainable clothing.

    In addition to treating workers fairly, ethical fashion is based on sustainability. This means prioritizing environmentally friendly practices throughout production and making a product that has a lower impact on the environment.

    What does ethical fashion mean for sustainability?

    — Clothing is made from eco-friendly materials, such as organic, pesticide-free, non-GMO cotton.

    — Clothing is safe for people and the environment, avoiding any materials that contain carcinogens, toxins, or other harmful chemicals.

    — Clothing is made through sustainable practices that reduce water consumption and waste production.

    — Clothing is made using natural energy and avoiding pollution.

    While ethical fashion may not solve all of our problems with unsafe chemicals, water shortages, energy consumption, or overflowing landfills, it allows you to reduce your impact on the environment and invest in safer, more sustainable practices.

    This little black dress from Passion Lilie is stylish, sophisticated, and sustainable. Shop our dresses today and invest in sustainable clothing.

    The Importance of Ethical, Sustainable Clothing

    At Passion Lilie, we believe ethical, sustainable clothing can make a difference. By using fair trade and sustainable practices, we can improve the lives of our artisans and help the environment while delivering a better product to our customers.

    The Impact of Fair Trade

    A photo of Passion Lilie's founder and designer, Katie Schmidt, with three Indian artisans we work with to make fair trade, ethical clothing online.

    The tenets of fair trade are all fine and well, but at the end of the day, they’re just ideas—until they’re put into action. So how has our fair trade company made a real difference?

    To start, the teams we work with receive an above average salary, free job training, 24 days of sick leave, 11 government paid holidays, help obtaining health insurance, and financial advising. Our founder, Katie Schmidt, visits them in India to form better relationships with our artisans and ensure they are happy with their jobs. She has seen firsthand how they work together and bond with one another in a positive, dignified workplace, and many say that this is the best part of the job.

    Why is ethical, sustainable clothing important? It provides fair, dignified employment to people around the world, including Lydia, the Indian artisan pictured here.

    One of our artisans, Lydia, rose to the rank of production manager after receiving free job training. She has also used this opportunity to return to school and finish her secondary education, a diploma in Fashion Designing & Merchandising, and a diploma in Business Entrepreneurship.

    Pictured here, Padmini runs her own block printing workshop and has partnered with Passion Lilie for the past several years.

    Padmini, who runs her own block printing workshop and has partnered with Passion Lilie for the past several years, has also partnered with the State Government Women’s Welfare Board to offer free job training to underprivileged women in India, allowing her to help many others.

    Banu, their expert color mixer, was hired through this program almost 24 years ago. She had no education and was a homemaker. Today she mentors others on the team and handles production coordination.

    These types of success stories abound among our team and show how our fair trade company can make an actual difference in the lives of others and create a ripple effect that improves entire communities.

    The Impact of Sustainability

    Two of our fair trade artisans from India are pictured here hanging fabric to dry, helping to reduce our environmental footprint.

    At Passion Lilie, we have established a sustainable business from the very start, allowing us to minimize our environmental footprint. But we never stop learning, and to this day we are still on the lookout for even more ways to improve our processes and make a more eco-friendly product.

    We source local materials, using 100% Indian cotton, and more recently made the switch to only using organic cotton. We also make sure our dyes are azo-free and free from any carcinogens, toxins, or other harmful chemicals.

    In addition, we use natural energy while reducing our water consumption and waste production. Our artisans wash our fabrics by hand in local waterways and dry them in the sun to reduce energy usage. We also use leftover fabric to make accessories and other handicrafts, minimizing the amount of waste we produce.

    As more and more of us work to reduce our environmental footprint, the greater our collective impact will be! Take the first step by investing in sustainability when you can, starting with shopping at ethical, sustainable clothing stores like Passion Lilie.

    Shop Ethical Clothing Online Today

    Passion Lilie products like this stylish, blue button-down dress are designed in New Orleans and made ethically in India, so every purchase helps make a difference.

    Ready to make a global impact while still looking fashionable? Shop ethical clothing online today from Passion Lilie.


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    Sustainable Style: Understanding Handwoven Fabric

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    This Boysenberry Wrap Dress from Passion Lilie features a unique pattern, deep red and black colors, cuffed long sleeves, pockets, and handwoven fabric.Boysenberry Wrap Dress

    Handwoven fabrics are a great way to practice sustainability in style. At Passion Lilie, we offer a range of clothing and accessories made from handwoven fabrics to suit anyone’s tastes. Want to learn more about the benefits of handwoven fabrics? Check out our comprehensive guide below!

    Sustainability and Handwoven Fabrics

    Passion Lilie's handwoven fabrics are made by hand on a loom, as seen here.

    You might be wondering, how do handwoven fabrics fit in with sustainability? Handwoven fabrics are made by hand using a handloom, which does not require electricity or produce any pollution. In addition, the lack of automation presents weavers with many more opportunities to reduce waste and engage in sustainable practices.

    At Passion Lilie, we take this a few steps further to make our handwoven fabrics even more environmentally friendly. Our process is dedicated to preserving the environment through the use of natural energy, waste reduction, and water reduction. Our artisans wash fabrics by hand in local waterways, dry them in the sun, and use any leftover pieces for other handicrafts or accessories.

    As a fair trade company, Passion Lilie also creates a sustainable environment for our workers. All of our clothing is made by fair trade artisans, which means we pay them fair wages, offer them stable employment with time off and other benefits, and ensure they are working in safe, healthy, empowering conditions. These opportunities permeate our artisans’ communities as they spend their profits in their local economies, start their own businesses, and share their skills. This leads to sustainable societies and a better world for all of us, even the most disadvantaged. Learn more about our artisans or how you can support the fair trade movement today.

    Ikat and Handwoven Fabrics

    Our sustainability isn’t the only thing that sets Passion Lilie’s handwoven fabrics apart. Many of our handwoven fabrics are also colored through an ancient ikat dyeing process. “Ikat” originates from the Indonesian word “mengikat,” meaning to tie, bind, or wrap around. It uses reactive dyes—the same dyes used for modern tie-dye—and bindings that resist dye penetration to create beautiful and original patterns before weaving. These dyes are especially resistant to bleeding, which keeps them bold and vibrant. Watch the video below or read more to learn about Passion Lilie’s handwoven ikat fabrics.

    Handwoven Fabric FAQs

    The Navy Stars Midi Skirt from Passion Lilie features a white star print on navy handwoven fabric, a wide waistband front, and pockets.Navy Stars Midi Skirt

    Due to their intricacy and lack of use by mainstream, fast fashion retailers, many people have questions about handwoven fabrics. And we have the answers!

    Do handwoven fabrics shrink?

    Compared to knitted fabrics, woven fabrics are much more stable when it comes to shrinking and do not react as severely to stresses. A small amount of shrinking is still possible, so if you’re concerned about shrinking, we recommend using cold water and laying flat to dry.

    Are handwoven fabrics stretchy?

    Unlike synthetic-based knit fabrics, which are made from one continuous thread and stretch all over, woven fabrics only stretch diagonally—or as we say in the sewing world, on the bias—giving them enough flexibility to be comfortable while still feeling sturdy and looking fitted.

    Are handwoven fabrics comfortable?

    Of course, comfort is subjective and largely depends on the materials being used and the wearer’s preferences. That being said, many of our customers have commented on how soft and comfortable our handwoven cotton fabrics feel.

    Do handwoven fabrics itch?

    This depends on your sensitivity and on the materials being used, but handwoven fabrics are no itchier than any other fabrics. At Passion Lilie, our handwoven cotton fabrics do not itch. Handwoven fabrics also tend to breathe much better than polyester and other synthetic fabrics, making them more comfortable.

    Shop Passion Lilie for Handwoven Clothing

    This Blue Striped Scarf from Passion Lilie features blue stripes on white handwoven fabric and tassels at the ends.Blue Striped Scarf

    Now that you have a better understanding of everything handwoven fabrics have to offer, take the next step and purchase beautiful, sustainable, handwoven clothing and accessories from Passion Lilie. Our handwoven fabrics are available in a variety of skirts, dresses, pants, tops, jackets, scarves, cloth napkins, and more. If you have any more questions about our handwoven clothing, please contact us today.

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    How to Celebrate Fair Trade Month

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    Celebrate Fair Trade Month this October by shopping for fair trade products, which may include fair trade tags or labels such as this to help identify them.

    It’s finally October! Besides the beautiful weather outside, all of the fun fall festivals, and the changing of the seasons, something else exciting is also happening: Fair Trade Month. Read on to learn more about this annual opportunity to celebrate and spread the word about the fair trade movement.

    What Is Fair Trade Month?

    Founded back in 2011 by Fair Trade USA, Fair Trade Month serves as a way to raise awareness about the fair trade movement and its importance to our global economy. It also encourages consumers to shop from fair trade businesses instead of businesses that hurt the environment and their workers. Every October, fair trade companies, Fair Trade Towns, and those who support the movement create promotions, events, and other celebrations in honor of Fair Trade Month.

    How to Support Fair Trade Month Here in New Orleans

    With celebrations happening all over the country, there’s no shortage of ways to participate in Fair Trade Month, and New Orleans is no exception. As a fair trade company whose apparel and accessories are designed in New Orleans, Passion Lilie is committed to supporting fair trade in New Orleans and beyond. Show your support during Fair Trade Month and all year long in New Orleans by making fair trade and sustainable purchases from these businesses.


    Shop for fresh fruits and veggies, like those pictured here, along with other fair trade foods to help support the Fair Trade Movement in New Orleans.

    When you don’t feel like cooking, fill up on a variety of healthy and sustainable fair trade dishes at Cafe Rose Nicaud in the Marigny.

     With two locations within the city limits (plus one in Metairie and one in Mandeville), healthy food megastore Whole Foods offers a diverse and wide range of fair trade foods for a tasty and nutritious way to show your support for the movement.

     New Orleans Food Co-Op prioritizes fair trade products when available, especially fair trade certified chocolate and coffee. If you become a member, you also have a say in how the cooperative is run, allowing you to have an even larger impact on the food in your community.


      Looking for an easy way to start supporting fair trade? Switch to drinking fair trade coffee, like the delicious cup of coffee pictured here.

      – According to Fair Grinds Coffeehouse, it is the sole coffeehouse in New Orleans that is 100% fair trade. All of its chocolate, coffee, and tea is fair trade, so head to one of two convenient locations in Mid City and the Marigny.

      – Gourmet donut shop District Donuts only uses Stumptown Coffee, which is fair trade and even has its own location right here in New Orleans. Visit your nearest District Donuts in Uptown New Orleans, Lakeview, Elmwood, or even Baton Rouge.

      – Located on Oretha Castle Haley Blvd., Orleans Coffee House serves a range of fair trade and organic certified coffees. It also has an espresso bar on Prytania Street.

      – Good Karma is a café in Mid City that specializes in plant-based food and drink. Even better, all of its coffee is fair trade and organic.


        This Snuggle in Chevron Sweater from Passion Lilie features a black-and-white hand block stamped chevron print and dolman sleeves. It's made from 100% organic cotton and is fair trade.

        – Get your Mardi Gras merch early with recycled beads and throws from Arc of Greater New Orleans. It’s a great way to save money, reduce waste, and provide jobs to workers with disabilities.

        – Need a great pair of shoes? Feet First is an independent shoe retailer voted “Best Shoe Store in New Orleans” nine times and counting. It carries a variety of local products, including fair trade accessories and apparel from Passion Lilie.

        – Shop for a variety of fair trade clothing, such as the Snuggle in Chevron Sweater shown above, right here at Passion Lilie. We also sell fair trade accessories, homeware, and stationary. To learn about the many benefits of buying fair trade clothing, read our blog post.

          Shop Passion Lilie Today and Receive a Free Headband

          Make Fair Trade Month better by shopping at Passion Lilie! Every online purchase made this October through November 3 will receive a free fair trade headband, as shown here in our variety of styles.

          Naturally, you’re going to need some stylish fair trade outfits to celebrate Fair Trade Month in New Orleans, and there’s no better place to buy them than Passion Lilie. Even better, we’re giving away a free fair trade headband with every online purchase made during Fair Trade Month! Just use the coupon code “FairTradeMonth” any time from now until November 3, and you’ll receive a free headband with your purchase.

          Shop our complete line of ethical apparel, discover more ways to support fair trade, or contact us with any questions today.

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          How to Support the Fair Trade Movement

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          By supporting fair trade brands like Passion Lilie and the entire fair trade movement, you can empower workers across the globe with fair, dignified employment.

          Supporting the fair trade movement is a terrific way to empower workers across the globe and contribute in your own way to a fairer and more equal Earth. Showing your support for fair trade can encompass a whole host of activities, from supporting local economies to purchasing fair trade products and reducing your environmental footprint. Not only will you feel better for making fair trade purchases, but you can enjoy better quality products than those available from sweatshops. Read on to learn how you can support and grow the fair trade movement today.

          What Is Fair Trade?

          Fair trade is a movement among businesses that seek to uphold certain economic, social, and environmental standards. Fair trade companies support the protection of workers’ rights and the environment with fair pay, safe working conditions, and sustainable processes. To ensure that a brand claiming to be fair trade is living up to those standards, organizations such as the Fair Trade Federation (FTF) exist to confirm businesses that actually enact fair trade practices. Passion Lilie has also created a handy ethical shopping guide to help consumers determine if a company supports ethical, fair trade practices.

          Why Support Fair Trade?

          As a member of the Fair Trade Federation, whose logo is pictured here, Passion Lilie is proud to support fair pay and working conditions, eco-friendly practices, and more.

          There are plenty of reasons to support the fair trade movement, but these are a few of our favorites:

            • Fair trade means fair pay and working conditions for farmers and
              producers. All fair trade products are made in safe, healthy working conditions, where producers are paid a fair wage for their work and have a say in the process.
            • Fair trade is better for the environment. Fair trade supports and encourages sustainability, which can range from lowering pollution levels to reducing waste and much more.
            • Fair trade is safe. Fair trade utilizes integrated farm management systems that limit the use of harmful pesticides, which means fair trade food, clothing, and other organic products are safe and healthy.
            • Fair trade supports workers’ communities. With an emphasis on supporting the local communities of producers and workers, fair trade can improve artisans’ communities, schools, healthcare, infrastructure, and more.
            • Fair trade means sustainable local economies. Fair trade gives producers and artisans control over their own destinies with fair wages, safe and healthy working conditions, and other workers’ rights, meaning they can eventually build their own businesses and put the profits right back into their local economies.

          Ways to Support Fair Trade

          Ready to show your support for the fair trade movement? Here are a few great ways to get started:

            • Invite a fair trade speaker to your school, company, or city to spread the word.
            • Learn about fair trade issues and help others become educated as well.
            • Turn your community into a Fair Trade Town.
            • Work with local businesses to encourage and help them “go fair trade.”
            • Use fair trade products, such as the affordable ethical clothing and other eco-friendly apparel and accessories available at Passion Lilie.

          Hex Flex Men's Button Down Shirt

          Looking for a fair trade shirt that's stylish, comfortable, and versatile? Look no further than Passion Lilie's Hex Flex Men's Button Down Shirt, pictured here.

          For unbeatable comfort and style, choose our fair trade Hex Flex Men’s Button Down Shirt. We use soft, breathable, poplin cotton to make this sturdy, comfortable, machine washable shirt. Meanwhile, the geometric pattern and carefully tailored fit make this shirt a great choice for everything from a day in the office to a night out with friends.

          Elephant Tote

          The fair trade Elephant Tote from Passion Lilie, pictured here, is as practical as it is fashionable with a red elephant design on sturdy canvas.

          This canvas bag is the perfect eco-friendly, fair trade tote for carrying groceries, gym clothes, your laptop, and whatever else you might need. Our trendy elephant design is block printed with a hand carved wood block using vibrant, environmentally friendly dyes.

          Support the Fair Trade Movement by Shopping with Passion Lilie

          Start shopping for fair trade products from Passion Lilie, such as the gorgeous dress pictured here, to support the fair trade movement today.

          As an eco-apparel company, Passion Lilie is wholly devoted to making fair trade products designed in New Orleans and handcrafted in India. Purchasing clothing, accessories, homeware, and even recycled greeting cards from Passion Lilie is a chic and unique way to show your support for the movement while looking good too. Visit our website to view our full line of eco-apparel and other products, and start supporting fair trade now!

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          Planning a Sustainable Dinner Party: Cloth Napkins and More

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          Sustainable dinner parties are a great way to show your love for the environment and have fun doing it. While many people assume that throwing a sustainable dinner party simply consists of using local and organic ingredients at your next hosted dinner, there is so much more to it than that. Reusable, sustainably made dishes, utensils, and napkins not only add class to any dinner, but minimize your environmental footprint. These eco-conscious dinners offer a fun, tasty, and effective way to convince your nearest and dearest to go green through the persuasive power of a good meal. Learn how to plan your own sustainable dinner party with environmentally friendly cuisine, cloth napkins, and more today.

          Cloth napkins, such as this Chambray Cloth Napkin from Passion Lilie, are a must when planning a sustainable dinner party.

          Crafting Your Menu

          The first essential to any dinner party highlighting responsible agriculture is eco-friendly eats. Consider these tips:

          • Get ingredients from local gardens, farmers’ markets, and other sustainable sources.
          • Ask grocery stores for food that is safe to eat but will be thrown away, such as bruised produce or expired food.
          • Moderate how much meat and dairy you include in your meal.
          • Eat any leftovers later that week!

          Sourcing Sustainable Dishes and Utensils

          The next step in planning for your sustainable dinner party is to source sustainably made dishes, silverware, and napkins to accompany your meal. If you need disposable items, there are a number of companies online that offer plates and utensils made with sustainability in mind. You can also check out local shops and artisans to supply the tools your guests will need to enjoy the feast you’re preparing for them.

          Cloth Napkins from Passion Lilie

          One of the best sources for sustainable cloth napkins is the collection available from Passion Lilie. We are an eco-friendly, fair trade brand that offers a variety of apparel, accessories, homeware, and more made by empowered artisans in India. As an ethical brand, we ensure our artisans receive fair wages, safe and healthy working conditions, and long-term employment. By purchasing our high-quality, sustainable cloth napkins, you can reduce your impact on the environment while also supporting fair job opportunities in India. Browse all our napkins or get started with the two recommendations below.

          Salmon Ikat Cloth Napkins (Set of 4)

          The guests at your next sustainable dinner party are sure to enjoy these Salmon Ikat Cloth Napkins from Passion Lilie, which are as ethical as they are beautiful.

          These gorgeous cotton napkins make it easy to give up paper! Their salmon color complements earthy tones for a subtler look or teal tones when you’re feeling bolder.

          Grey Dots Cloth Napkins (Set of 4)

          Whether you're throwing a sustainable dinner party or just enjoying a quiet meal alone, these Grey Dots Cloth Napkins from Passion Lilie are an easy way to step up your dinner game with sophistication and sustainability.

          With their appealing dotted pattern and neutral colors, these cotton cloth napkins can turn any meal into a special occasion.

          Shop for Eco Outfits to Complete Your Party

          Of course, no dinner party would be complete without a great outfit to go with it. When hosting a sustainable dinner party, it’s only natural that your environmentally friendly choices extend to your wardrobe as well. Luckily, Passion Lilie is just the place to get your eco-chic apparel. Consider these looks for your next dinner party.

          Navy Stars Organic Jersey Wrap Dress

          Planning a sustainable dinner party doesn't stop after you procure your ethical food, dishes, utensils, and cloth napkins. Make sure your outfit is just as classy and ethical as the rest of the party with this Navy Stars Organic Jersey Wrap Dress from Passion Lilie.

          This stunning wrap dress from Passion Lilie comes in a navy, patterned, organic jersey material that is sure to get everyone’s attention and make you the life of the party. With its soft and stretchy fabric, this dress leaves you feeling comfortable all day long while still showing off your curves in a fitted silhouette.

          Gray Chevron Crop Pants

          With their neutral colors, zigzag pattern, and mid-calf leg, these Gray Chevron Crop Pants from Passion Lilie strike the perfect balance of style and sophistication.

          Want to go fun and funky? These lightweight pants show off your fashion sense with a mid-calf leg and zigzag pattern. The gray and black colors keep your look sophisticated, giving these pants the ideal balance of style and professionalism for more casual work environments, professional events, and dinner parties.

          Passion Lilie: Your Go-To for Sustainable Cloth Napkins and More

          As a premier eco-apparel and home goods brand, Passion Lilie is ready to help you on your path to greater, greener living. Contact Passion Lilie with any questions, and get started on your next sustainable dinner party the right way today.

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          Trend of the Week: Reactive Dyes

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          Most of us have encountered reactive dyes before, even if we didn’t realize it at the time. Have you ever tie-dyed a shirt? Modern tie-dye often uses reactive dyes. Many American retailers, however, do not use reactive dyes. Reactive dyeing must be done by hand rather than by machine. At Passion Lilie, we use this ancient dyeing process to produce unique, authentic, eco-friendly clothing that resists fading. Learn more and shop our beautifully dyed products today.

          Reactive dyes can be used to make everything from modern tie-dyed shirts to this Dusk Button Dress from Passion Lilie.

          What Are Reactive Dyes?

          Reactive dyes, also referred to as fabric reactive dyes, are dyes that chemically react with fabric. They affect the molecules of the fabric, making them a permanent part of whatever they dye. This is why they resist fading so much better than other dyes. They absorb and alter the color of fabric.

          Because reactive dyes have been used on this fabric, the molecules of the fabric have been permanently changed by the dyes, making the fabric resistant to fading.

          As an ethical, sustainable brand, Passion Lilie only uses natural binders and eco-friendly dyes in our reactive print paste. Tharangini Studio’s skilled artisans use a combination of ancient techniques and modern advances to produce the best results from our reactive dyeing process:

          1. First, our artisans dye the fabric its initial base color.
          2. Meanwhile, gum arabic resin crystals are fermented using a traditional recipe by soaking in water for two to three days to create a binder.
          3. Next, artisans hand block print the fabric using reactive dyes.
          4. After wrapping the fabric individually in recycled newspaper, they steam it for an entire day.
          5. Then they wash the fabric and cure it in the sun, allow its colors to develop.
          6. If any other colors are going to be added, our artisans repeat the first four steps with those colors.
          7. After they print, steam, wash, and cure the fabric, artisans remove any gum arabic residue, leaving behind a soft, beautifully printed fabric.

          For more information about the methods of dyeing we use, read about our natural dyes (also known as plant- or vegetable-based dyes), eco dyes, and reactive dyes.

          The Advantages of Reactive Dyes

          Now that you know a little more about our reactive dyeing process, you may be wondering why we bother with such a time-consuming method. Reactive dyes come with a number of big benefits:

          • They’re more vibrant. Unlike other clothes, which become faded over time with wear and washing, reactive dyes keep their color.
          • They don’t bleed. Because reactive dyes become a part of the fabric, they don’t bleed onto other pieces of laundry.
          • They’re unique. There’s something special about handmade clothing and owning something truly one of a kind. With reactive dyeing, each piece of fabric is varied and unique.
          • They’re sustainable. The process of reactive printing is low waste and sustainable. All of the newspaper we use is recycled, and our gum arabic crystals are sourced from a sustainable grower.

          Shop Passion Lilie Today

          Ready to reap the advantages of reactive dyes? Shop these Passion Lilie products made with reactive dyes. Many of these popular items have limited sizes remaining in our current stock, so snag yours while you can!

          Layla Organic Jersey Dress (XS)

          Made using reactive dyes, Passion Lilie's Layla Organic Jersey Dress features a sophisticated stripe-on-stripe pattern that won't run or bleed when washed.

          For standout sophistication, nothing beats this knit dress. Its gorgeous stripe-on-stripe pattern and starfish neckline create a one-of-a-kind look, while the soft, organic jersey cotton and side pockets offer comfort and convenience.

          Triangles Shift Dress (M)

          Passion Lilie's Triangles Shift Dress, pictured here, has a bold and vibrant color resulting from the reactive dyes used to make it.

          Searching for something bold, yet still classy? This dress has it covered with an adventurous geometric pattern you can wear from the office to gallery openings, cocktail parties, and more.

          Dusk Button Dress (L)

          Made using reactive dyes, the beautiful starry pattern of each Passion Lilie Dusk Button Dress is as unique as the night sky.

          Find all the comfort of a t-shirt with all the style and sophistication of a little black dress in the Dusk Button Dress. Friends, family, and even strangers will get lost gazing at its beautiful starry pattern.

          Indigo Flowers Scarf

          Made with sustainable reactive dyes and our reactive printing process, the Indigo Flowers Scarf from Passion Lilie makes you feel just as great as you look.

          Add texture and pattern to any outfit with the Indigo Flowers Scarf. Made using reactive dyes, its rich indigo color can stand out while staying neutral for easy pairing with the rest of your outfit.

          For a similar look in another pattern, check out our Indigo Dreams Scarf today. You can also shop more of Passion Lilie’s ethical apparel, read about our mission, or discover more fashion tips and trends on our blog.

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