Care Instructions

Washing and Care Instructions 

Wash with mild detergent in cold water, wash colors separately. Yes, you can put them in the washing machine. If you do not want your garment to shrink, it is best to line dry the garment, no dryer. 

Our products are all 100% cotton or made from modal, which is a plant based material, and due to the nature of these natural fibers, there will be a small shrinkage of about 5% if you put the garment in the dryer. There is little to no shrinkage if you machine wash in cold water and line dry the garment. 


If you line dry your garment, minimal to no ironing is needed. Passion Lilie uses good quality cotton that does not wrinkle easily. Our jersey cotton fabrics do not wrinkle at all. 


Color Fast Dyes                    

All our fabrics go through a washing and curing process to keep the dyes from spreading.