Fair Trade Dresses

At Passion Lilie, we pride ourselves on creating fair trade dresses that are both sustainable and fashionable. Shop our exclusive collection of women’s fair trade dresses or learn more about the collection below.

Fair Trade Dresses

Vintage, bohemian, and retro inspired, the Passion Lilie collection emphasizes sophistication and fit in every one of our fair trade dresses. Everyone from an environmentally conscious college student to an industry leader can find something great to wear from our wide variety of styles. Love versatile staple pieces? Keep it classic with polka dots or other simple patterns in black, white, or navy. Want to make a statement? Stay on the lookout for our unique starfish cut-out neckline, collared dresses, and bold colors and patterns. And if you want to accentuate your waist, choose a dress with an optional fabric belt.

New dresses are added with every fall/winter and spring/summer collection, so you can stay fashionable no matter the season. Hand block printed or handwoven by Indian artisans, all of our prints are made using a combination of ancient techniques and modern best practices for designs that are truly one of a kind. We use 100% Indian cotton and have recently transitioned to only using organic cotton. Our dyes are also eco-friendly for a product that is better for our customers, our artisans, and the environment.

As a fair trade company, all Passion Lilie products are made using ethical, sustainable practices. Our fair trade dresses are designed by our founder and designer, Katie Schmidt, in New Orleans, but they are all made in India. We work with a variety of producer groups to ensure the artisans who make our clothing receive fair wages, safe and healthy working conditions, and long-term employment. These artisans also employ sustainable, eco-friendly practices to reduce our environmental footprint. Our fabrics are washed in local waterways and dried in the sun, for example, significantly reducing our energy usage. We also strive never to waste materials, instead using leftover pieces to make other accessories and handicrafts.

By shopping our fair trade dresses, you help empower artisans around the world, making a global impact with your purchase.


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