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We believe in making things the right way. We care deeply about doing our part to build a more sustainable world, one built on honesty and respect. From the way we design to the way we create each fair trade collection, sustainability is at the core of every aspect of our business.


We believe in cultivating a business built on honesty, transparency, and respect. We strive to be transparent across our business through the relationships we build and how we work. We understand that our actions directly impact the world we thrive to create, one in which each person is valued. Passion Lilie is named ofter the lily flower, the universal symbol of honesty, a value that sits at the heart of everything we do.


We believe it is important to understand the impact of our decisions. We are dedicated to sourcing thoughtfully, using materials that will not harm people or the planet. Recognizing the negative impact of pesticides on biodiversity and the health of farming communities, we use durable natural fibers, organic cotton, and nontoxic dyes. We recognize the importance reducing our carbon footprint, which is why we have created a supply chain built on sourcing from areas local to where we produce.

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We believe in nurturing economic sustainability by collaborating with partners in India who are dedicated to paying fair living wages, creating a safe and healthy work environment, and investing in the overall wellbeing of the artisans they employ. Sustainable change is about going beyond fair wages, which is why we make sure our artisan partners are provided with opportunities for community development and to further their skills.

What is Fair Trade?

Fair trade is a trade-based movement that focuses on creating long-term relationships based on transparency, trust, and respect. As a fair trade company, Passion Lilie currently works with several producer groups in India. We pay fair wages and work with organizations that ensure safe and healthy working conditions. Building long-term sustainable relationships is important to us because we believe community building is key to nurturing equity in every aspect of how we operate.

Passion Lilie is a member of the Fair Trade Federation.