India: An Inside Look

From the designer of Passion Lilie, Katie Schmidt

The best way I can describe India is a constant chaos where somehow everything has order. I visit India once a year- these visits are filled with meetings with artisan groups in order to develop our relationships, improve product quality and create new designs.

Every trip is fast paced, as there is a lot to accomplish, but it is also a spiritual journey for me- a chance to escape my world in New Orleans and immerse myself in India- a country that I am deeply fascinated with.

So… without further ado- pictures! 

Working with the women who are masters at mixing the perfect color.
Having tea and laughing with the tailors at the stitching unit.
Meeting with the hand loom weavers to see their new designs.
Meeting with the block printers to develop new scarf designs. 
And of course, every trip needs a little relax time. This year I went to the beautiful tea plantations in Munnar- wow what a treat! 
And yes, the cows roam freely on the street in every shape size and color :) 
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