Our 2020 New Year's Goals

The New Year brings exciting opportunities. It is a time for reflection on the past year and a time to set new goals and intentions for the upcoming year. At Passion Lilie, around this time of year, we review what we have accomplished and what we want to accomplish while always keeping in mind our mission: to empower artisans across the world by creating dignified employment opportunities while using eco-friendly materials throughout the supply chain and preserving the artistic and cultural talents of our craftspeople.

And we thought the best way for us to stay accountable of our goals it share them publicly.

  1. Invest in more Training Programs: In 2019 we launched our first training program and Geetha was our first trainee. Geetha has completed her training and now has an amazing job with a higher paying salary. In 2020 our goal is to sponsor 2-3 more women- putting them through the 3 month training program, so they can increase their skills and salary.
  2. Increase Donations: Every quarter Passion Lilie chooses new charities to donate to that align with our mission such as Girls Opportunity Alliance and Free the Slaves. In 2020 we would like to double the amount of money that we donate to charities.
  3. Improve Sustainability: Sustainability is a journey. It is not a one and done aspect of our business; we are continually exploring ways to be more sustainable from our fabrics to our production and finally our packaging and shipping. In 2020 we will be switching our plastic hang tags to a more sustainable alternative and we have a goal to have 100% carbon neutral shipping.
  4. Improve Product Quality and Fit: We are blessed that so far at Passion Lilie we have had amazing reviews of our product quality and fit, but that does not mean we get to relax. We want to continue to improve the quality and the fit, and even offer more high-end fabrics. If you have any suggestions about our product quality or fit, please send us a message.
  5. Offer our Seconds and Samples on our Website: As we improve our product quality, there are garments that don’t quite meet the cut usually due to small printing or weaving mistakes. These garments are still completely wearable, but not acceptable for us to sell at full price, and being a sustainable company, we do not throw away these products. We will be launching a whole section on our website for discounted products- seconds that have small weave and printing mistakes as well as one off sample garments.

Feel free reach to reach out to us with any suggestions on our 2020 New Year’s goals. We can be reached here.

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