Passion Lilie Announces New Job Training Program

Meet Geetha, the first trainee in our new job training program, pictured here.Meet Geetha, the first trainee in our new program.

At Passion Lilie, our mission is to empower artisans in India by offering fair wages, safe and healthy working conditions, and long-term employment. We believe that these dignified job opportunities lead to more sustainable societies and a much better world.

Our talented team of artisans strike a perfect balance between time-honored Indian traditions and new practices. They make Passion Lilie possible, and in return, we want to help them and their communities thrive. Since 2013, when Passion Lilie began, we’ve been able to employ skilled groups across India with decades of experience practicing their craft.

Now, Passion Lilie is excited to announce the next chapter in our company. Always on the lookout for passionate artisans, Passion Lilie is starting a new program focused on providing free job training and long-term, fair trade jobs in the fashion industry to women in India. Our goal is to invest in training more female workers, so we can better assist in reversing the cycle of poverty in their communities and improving the world we live in.

Passion Lilie products, such as this stylish, blue, button-up dress, are designed in New Orleans and made ethically in India.

Training with Passion Lilie

An Indian artisan sewing a Passion Lilie garment.

Passion Lilie’s new program will provide job training in the fashion industry to four talented women in India each year. Each woman will spend three months training, giving her a thorough and immersive experience in the industry. As with all artisans who work with us, she will be trained in safe, healthy, dignified working conditions.

At the end of the job training, participants are offered a job with Passion Lilie. During training, however, all expenses are paid for by Passion Lilie and participants do not work on our garments. Our top priority with this program is to invest in training more female workers in India, whether or not they choose to work with us later.

The women who join our team receive an above average salary as well as sick leave, paid holidays, assistance receiving health insurance, free financial advising, and more. Most importantly, they become part of an uplifting and positive community that has come together to form a family.

Passion Lilie products are fair trade and ethically made, like this white, half-button-down top with long sleeves and black polka dots.

Meet Geetha, Our First Trainee

Geetha, the first participant in Passion Lilie's job training program, using a sewing machine.

We are thrilled to introduce the first artisan joining Passion Lilie’s new training program. Geetha will be joining the program starting April 20th.

Before becoming a part of our training program, Geetha worked as an assistant tailor in the apparel industry for many years. Working in this position gave her experience with smaller tasks, such as safety stitching and label attachment. But as an unskilled worker, Geetha was making as little as 8,000 rupees per month, or around 115 U.S. dollars. Geetha, her husband, and their daughter currently rent a house for 6,000 rupees per month.

Through our training program, Geetha will be able to work on larger tasks with a variety of garments and fabrics, developing her skills and preparing her for a career in apparel production. During training, she’ll receive an immediate raise of 13,000 rupees each month. After her training period is over, Geetha can earn an even higher wage at Passion Lilie, allowing her to support herself and her family.

Buy Passion Lilie and Support Artisans in India

At Passion Lilie, we never ask for charity. All we ask is that you shop ethically and put your purchasing power toward products that are making a difference in the world we live in. Buying fair trade, eco-friendly clothing allows you to make a meaningful impact on the world while looking fashionable in your one-of-a-kind clothing.

Every Passion Lilie product is made with pesticide-free, 100% Indian cotton and designed with azo-free dyes. Our talented team works hard to create success in both New Orleans and India, and we’re proud to bring our passionate, empowering products to you. Shop Passion Lilie today to find clothing that will help you feel good about yourself and the world you live in.

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