Passion Lilie’s Ethical Shopping Guide

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With so many online shops tempting you with their inventory, it’s hard to sort through the clutter and verify ethical brands and ethical products to buy. Passion Lilie wants to help you become a more conscious consumer by breaking it all down for you with our ethical shopping guide!

Passion Lilie's ethical shopping guide accounts for the well-being of workers like these, who make the products our customers buy.


Ethical Shopping Guide: Questions to Consider

To determine if a brand is ethical, you have to ask a few questions and know where to find the answers.

Is it fair trade?

Fair trade is a big movement, so its definition is quite lengthy and layered—but in short, fair trade is about improving the fairness of international trade. This means allowing workers to have a voice, providing safe working conditions, and paying workers fair wages, among other things. A big component of any ethical shopping guide should focus on fair trade. If you want to learn more about why you should buy fair trade, read our blog post here. Supporting fair trade brands is a great way to buy ethically, so when shopping online, check the company’s website for an explanation of which fair trade practices it follows. It’s also beneficial to check if it is a verified member of the Fair Trade Federation or other fair trade organizations like it. These organizations create high standards for businesses, and membership indicates they are being held accountable for following fair trade practices.

Who makes the product?

Ethical practices, especially in the fair trade movement, include creating as many dignified jobs and positive opportunities as possible for individuals who are living in underserved areas. Any area in the world where individuals do not have the same opportunities as others due to conditions beyond their control constitutes an underserved area. Many of these areas exist in developing countries, but there are some even within the United States! Part of the satisfaction of your ethical shopping purchase should be knowing the product was crafted with care by local farmers, artisans, or other workers in their own communities and knowing that your purchase will help develop those communities.

Know who makes your product and what their working conditions are like, as pictured here, to follow our ethical shopping guide.


What are the working conditions and who checks them?

Unfortunately, many farms, factories, and other places of work in developing nations have unsanitary, inhospitable, stressful conditions that harm workers and perpetuate the cycle of poverty. By working for a fair trade company, farmers, artisans, and workers of all trades can avoid these inhumane conditions. When researching a brand, look online for a description of the work space and conditions. If you can find photos, that’s even better! For example, you can read about the most recent trip our founder, Katie, took to India, where she met with Passion Lilie’s artisans. Our blog even features photos from her visit. In this instance, it’s clear that the founder of the company is following up with the producer groups to ensure safe, healthy, and uplifting working conditions for artisans. For a company to truly be considered ethical and fair trade, it needs to have someone verifying the conditions of its workers and holding the company to high standards. It’s a good sign if the company is a verified member of a fair trade organization or if someone at the company works closely with the workers and checks their conditions firsthand.

Are its practices sustainable?

Our ethical shopping guide has focused a lot on the people who make products, but it’s also important that companies help the environment the best that they can. Inquire if the materials are eco-friendly (such as organic, pesticide-free, non-GMO cotton) and if the supply chain contains sustainable practices. You can also research whether a company’s facilities use sustainable energy or attempt to reduce waste.

Choosing Passion Lilie

After you read this ethical shopping guide, you should feel better prepared to assess the ethics of different brands. Fortunately for you, when it comes to Passion Lilie’s ethics, we’ve done the rest of your research for you. Passion Lilie is a fully ethical apparel brand that is a member of the Fair Trade Federation. We use eco-friendly materials and sustainable practices throughout the supply chain. Our Indian artisans are the backbone of our entire company, and they receive fair wages and quality working conditions that are verified by our founder. You can feel good about making a Passion Lilie purchase and wearing our items on all occasions.

You could wear one of our simple accessories, such as the Blue & Grey Diamond Scarf, to dress up a casual outfit. This scarf is handblock printed on cotton using sustainable practices in India. This comfortable statement accessory is great as a gift or to treat yourself.

Passion Lilie accessories, such as this Blue & Grey Diamond Scarf, meet all the requirements of our ethical shopping guide.

You can also dress ethically to your next date night or classy affair! Try our dresses, such as the Triangles Shift Dress. The fabric is printed using an eco-friendly reactive dye process, and our shift dress style flatters virtually every figure.

Passion Lilie apparel, such as this Triangles Shift Dress, meets all the requirements of our ethical shopping guide.

Continuing to Shop Ethically

If you’re ready to stock up your closet with more ethical apparel, shop now at Passion Lilie! Feel free to contact us with any of your questions or concerns. We love helping customers shop ethically and talking with you about our ethical apparel and fair trade practices.

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