Staying Cool and Comfortable in Natural Fabrics

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As New Orleans feels more and more like a sauna with each passing day, our clothing choices become crucial for staying cool and comfortable. One step outside can have our shirts sticking to our backs and staying fresh without taking multiple showers each day feels impossible.

Knowing what it’s like to live in this humid, subtropical climate has shaped the way we make our clothes. You won’t find synthetic fabrics anywhere near Passion Lilie clothing. We know that natural fabrics like 100% cotton and modal fibers are your best bet for beating the heat and positively impacting the environment.

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Natural Fabrics: Breathe Easy on Hot Days

Fast fashion relies heavily on synthetic materials like polyester, nylon, and acrylic because they are cheap to produce in large quantities. However, this focus on affordability often comes at the expense of comfort and breathability, especially in hot weather. Polyester traps sweat and doesn’t breathe well, leading to a feeling of clamminess. Nylon, a fabric often used in activewear and athleisure clothing, can wick some moisture away but also traps heat and dries slowly. Acrylic fabric has poor breathability and is uncomfortable on hot days. 

Unlike synthetic fibers, natural fabrics like cotton and modal fabrics allow skin to breathe on hot summer days. This breathability is the key to staying cool when it feels like an oven outside. Here’s a closer look at why these two natural fabrics are our favorites when the temperature rises:

  • Cotton: we love cotton for its softness, lightweight feel, and unparalleled breathability. The cotton fiber’s hollow core acts like natural air conditioning, allowing air to circulate and keeping you cool. Cotton also absorbs sweat efficiently. It pulls moisture away from your skin, allowing for evaporation. This wicking effect helps regulate body temperature and keeps you feeling fresh. We make most of our clothing with 100% organic cotton because we love how refreshing it feels on even the hottest of days.
  • Modal: modal is another of our favorite natural fabrics. It’s a buttery soft natural fiber made from beechwood pulp. Like cotton, it’s highly breathable and moisture-wicking. Modal fabric actually surpasses cotton in absorbency, making it ideal for activewear or extremely hot climates like ours. Our collection of modal tops and dresses makes excellent options for workdays, outdoor brunches, and chasing kiddos around in the middle of the summer. If you’re a hot sleeper, our modal loungewear is a must-have.

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Beyond Breathability: Natural Fabrics Keep You Dry and Odor-Free

When it comes to staying cool, especially in a humid climate, managing moisture is key. Synthetic fabrics often trap sweat, leading to discomfort and the growth of odor-causing bacteria. Natural fabrics like cotton and modal, on the other hand, allow for better air circulation and moisture evaporation. This prevents bacterial growth and keeps you feeling fresher for longer.

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Natural Fabrics for Sensitive Skin and Allergies

Cotton and modal are hypoallergenic and gentle on the skin, making them a perfect choice for people with sensitive skin or allergies. Synthetic fabrics can often irritate the skin, causing itching and redness. Natural fabrics are free from harsh chemicals and dyes, minimizing the risk of irritation. Organic cotton and natural dyes are gentle on even the most sensitive skin. At Passion Lilie, we prioritize organic fabrics and natural dyes, so no pesticides or irritants enter our production cycle. No more worrying about itchy tags or irritating chemicals!

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The Importance of Sustainable and Organic Fabrics: Looking Good, Feeling Good, Doing Good

Our clothing choices matter now more than ever. According to the UN Environment Programme (UNEP), the fashion industry is the second-biggest consumer of water and is responsible for about 10% of global carbon emissions – more than all international flights and maritime shipping combined. Fast fashion companies are responsible for a huge portion of the water and textile waste and pollution. The synthetic fabrics they use are often derived from petroleum and require large amounts of energy to produce. These synthetic fabrics can release harmful chemicals into the environment.

Organic cotton and modal produced using sustainable practices offer an eco-friendly alternative to fast fashion. Organic cotton eliminates the use of harmful pesticides and fertilizers, protecting soil health and reducing water pollution. Sustainable modal production focuses on closed-loop processes that reuse chemicals and minimize waste. You can read more about Passion Lilie’s sustainable production practices here.

Choosing organic and natural fabrics allows you to look good, feel good, and do good for the planet.

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Making the Switch to Natural Fabrics

Are you ready to ditch the synthetics and embrace the comfort and coolness of natural fabrics this summer? Here are some tips;

  • Check the labels: Look for fabric content when you’re shopping for new clothes. Choose garments made from 100% cotton or modal, or blends that are majority natural fibers.
  • Invest in quality: While natural fabrics may have a slightly higher initial cost, they tend to be more durable and last longer than synthetic garments. Consider them an investment in your comfort and well-being.
  • Embrace natural colors: Choose natural dyes and undyed fabric whenever possible. Harsh chemicals are often used for dyeing synthetic fabrics.
  • Care for your clothes: Natural fabrics often require gentler care than synthetic fabrics. Follow the care instructions on the clothing label to ensure your garments last for years to come.

By switching to natural fabrics like cotton and modal, you'll be treating yourself to superior comfort and breathability and positively impacting the environment. So ditch the synthetics, opt for natural fabrics, and stay cool, comfortable, and stylish all summer long.





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