Sustainable Lifestyle Tips: Celebrate Summer Solstice with Eco-Friendly Fun

Friends celebrating summer solstice

As the sun rises earlier and sets later, our days are filled with water adventures, popsicles, and comfy cotton clothes. The Passion Lilie team is ready to celebrate the summer solstice, the longest day of the year, with our favorite tips for living a more sustainable lifestyle this season.

While summer conjures up images of beach vacations and road trips, it's also a time to be mindful of our environmental impact. But fear not, eco-warriors! Sustainability doesn't have to mean sacrificing summer fun. In fact, many of our small sustainable lifestyle changes can make this season even more enjoyable.

Here's our guide to squeezing the most out of these warmer days in ways that are good for you and for the planet.

Open drapes for natural light for a more sustainable lifestyleTake advantage of the sun and all its power:

The summer solstice marks the peak of sunlight hours. Let's harness this natural resource!

  • Lighten up: Draw open those curtains and blinds! Maximize natural light in your home during the day. This reduces reliance on artificial lighting and lowers your energy bill. As a bonus, the sunlight filtering through windows increases serotonin and significantly improves our mental health.
  • Solar power your fun: Looking for a new gadget? Invest in a solar phone charger. Capture the sun's rays to keep your devices juiced up for those outdoor adventures.
  • Sun-dry your clothes: Skip the dryer and take advantage of the warm summer breeze. Hang your laundry outside on a clothesline. This saves energy and gives your clothes a fresh, natural scent. Air drying is gentler on your clothes, helping them last longer and reinforcing your sustainable lifestyle. Win/win!
Line dry clothing for a more sustainable lifestyle

Beat the Heat Sustainably:

Living in New Orleans, we know how hot and humid summer can be, but staying cool doesn't have to break the bank or the environment. Here are some tips and tricks we’ve picked up for living a sustainable lifestyle in a city with very high temps.

  • Air it out: Before cranking up the AC, try natural cooling methods. Plant shade trees around your house, invest in light-colored curtains that reflect sunlight, and strategically place fans for air circulation.
  • Use water wisely: Take shorter showers and fix leaky faucets. Utilize a watering can for your plants instead of leaving the hose running. Collect rainwater in recycled containers whenever the opportunity arises. Every drop counts!
  • Grill green: Fire up the grill for a sustainable summer feast! Consider plant-based burgers or locally sourced seafood. Choose reusable grilling tools and clean up your cooking area afterward to prevent attracting unwanted critters.
Grilled seasonal veggies and seafood

Fuel Your Summer Adventures Eco-Consciously:

Summer is an excellent time for exploration! Here are some tips for sustainable travel and recreation: 

  • Explore locally: Consider a "staycation" or explore hidden gems around your own city. You might be surprised by the natural beauty and cultural offerings right in your backyard. This reduces your carbon footprint and supports local businesses.
  • Travel by bike or public transport: For longer trips, ditch the car and opt for public transportation or bike-packing adventures. It's a fun, healthy way to travel and see the sights from a different perspective.
  • Pack light, pack green: Travel light to reduce your carbon footprint. When packing, choose reusable water bottles, containers, and utensils to minimize single-use plastics. Passion Lilie has a line of zero-waste totes that are perfect for packing in all of your reusables!

Sustainable tote bags and reusable utinsilsMake the Most of Summer’s Bounty:

Summer is the prime time to enjoy delicious, fresh produce. Here's how we adapt it to our sustainable lifestyle:

  • Shop local: Visit your local farmers’ markets. Not only will you find the freshest, most flavorful fruits and vegetables, you'll also support local farmers and reduce your food miles. If you’re in New Orleans, check out Crescent City Farmers Markets. There are a few of them throughout the week in different locations, and they have way more than just food. Bring the family for crafts, coffee and treats, and of course all the locally sourced meats, jams, pastas, breads, and produce you can dream of.
  • Plan your meals: Meal planning is a great way to save money and reduce food waste. Plan your meals around what's in season – this is another great reason to shop at local markets. Leftovers? Get creative and repurpose them into new dishes! We use leftovers for omelets, enchilada fillings, and salad toppings.
  • Compost kitchen scraps: Turn your food scraps into nutrient-rich compost for your garden. Composting reduces waste going to landfills and helps your plants thrive.

Crescent City Farmers MarketCelebrate with Sustainable Fun:

Summer is a time for social gatherings and celebrations. Here are some ideas for eco-friendly entertaining. Use them to plan your summer solstice gathering!

  • Host a potluck with a twist: Encourage your guests to bring a dish made with local, seasonal ingredients. This promotes sustainability and allows everyone to share their culinary talents. Plus, it’s a low-stakes opportunity to try new things!
  • DIY backyard games: Skip the store-bought games with excessive packaging. Get creative and craft your own backyard games using recycled materials. Try bowling with a beach ball and empty bottles or cans, a beanbag toss using a ladder for different levels, hopscotch, or this giant lawn matching game.
  • Movie night under the stars: Gather some blankets, pillows, and a projector and enjoy a classic movie night in your backyard. It's a fun, free way to spend an evening with minimal environmental impact. We like to blow up an inflatable mattress for lounging and use a white sheet as our movie screen.

Family watches an outdoor movieRemember, every little bit counts! By incorporating small sustainable lifestyle changes into your summer routine, you can make a difference while still enjoying all the season has to offer.

Bonus Tip: Spread the word! Share your sustainable summer adventures with friends and family. Inspire others to embrace a more sustainable lifestyle, one sunny day at a time.

We hope you have a joyful summer solstice and a fun, sustainable summer!


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