4 ways to style a floral wrap top from Passion Lilie

At Passion Lilie we love to give you style tips. Read this post to learn how to style the Passion Lilie floral wrap top and wear your clothes in different ways.

Have you heard of a capsule wardrobe?

A capsule wardrobe is a small selection of essential items that don’t go out of fashion. It is a small wardrobe that you can build with clothes that you already have in your closet and add a few items you might be missing to make it more versatile. For example you might already have your basic jeans, white and black tank tops and long sleeve shirts, but maybe you can decide to create a small capsule for every season and use the same basic items you already have but tossing in some special tops to accentuate the season you are in.

Add the Passion Lilie floral wrap top to your wardrobe

A floral wrap top in your wardrobe is a great option because it is a versatile top that you can use to create 4 different looks with the same item! Plus the floral design gives a little spark to any season because you can use it without any under layer during spring or summer, and with a long sleeve thermal shirt in fall and winter or even a turtle neck. 

This top comes with an optional belt to style in different ways and is made out of 100% cotton (natural fabric that comes from plants) and it is hand woven and dyed through the ancient ikat dyeing process in India.The colors are subtle and maintain a neutral balance, here is a close up of the fabric:

Floral wrap top passion lilie

The print in our tops are so unique and can have variations because of this artisanal way of dyeing our fabrics that give a staple to our design process.

Look 1: Button up your wrap top and wear it as a “poncho”


floral wrap top



floral wrap top back 2

Look 2: Wear the buttons in the back and you’ll have an asymmetrical triangle  in the front


floral wrap top front



floral wrap top back

Look 3: Pop one of your shoulders out wearing the buttons on the right or left side

floral wrap top shoulder


Look 4: Wear it with the optional belt and play around with the length


floral wrap top with belt

Thanks to our model Natalia from The Mindful Choice where she shares more sustainable style tips too.

Support ethical fashion

As a conscious consumer there is always the option to shop from the brands you may already know, or to learn the story of new brands that are bringing ethical options into the fashion world like Passion Lilie. We strongly believe that incorporating fair trade practices makes us a strong brand that commits not only to the earth by using natural fabrics every time we can, but also connecting to the people who make our clothes and making them the stars of our process. You can read more about our values and commitment to sustainability here. In the meantime, we hope you choose us as a brand you’ll be proud to wear everyday with our floral wrap top or other options here.

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