From Dark Romance to Saffron: This Season's Top 4 Trends

Fall means pumpkins, changing leaves, and apple picking. As the season changes, new trends emerge to help you prepare for the cooler weather. This season the typical fall colors of orange, yellow, and purple get a makeover. Purple brightens to millennial purple, red deepens to cabernet, and yellow becomes saffron. Passion Lilie designs each collection to coordinate with the trends of the season while staying true to our core principles: ethical and eco-friendly. Below we explore five new trends for Fall 2019:

Dark Romance:

According to Harper’s Bazaar, dark florals will make a comeback on feminine styles Fall 2019. Passion Lilie’s Scarletta Organic Jersey Dress puts a New Orleans twist on dark romance trend. The cabernet color and light material allow the dress to take on a lighter interpretation of dark florals. Yet, the dress still incorporates the airy florals and deep base color that define the Dark Romance trend.

Millennial Purple:

Millennial Pink disappears allowing Millennial Purple to take its place this fall, according to Elle. The electric purple color always turns heads. Passion Lilie’s Plum Striped Button Skirt gives the necessary dose of vibrant purple without it over taking the skirt. The Plum button skirt is a statement piece that allows the different shades of purple to complement each other rather than overwhelm. Furthermore, the light weight material and length of the skirt make it the perfect transitional piece.


First fanny packs became chic and now fleece is making a comeback. The cozy fabric gets a stylish update for fall. Passion Lilie has brought back our fleece jackets from the previous seasons with the special addition of fleece dresses. Meet our favorite transitional fall piece the Hazel Fleece Organic Dress. As the weather starts to cool down, the fleece lining will keep you warm and with the simple addition of tights and boots, the dress can take you into the winter months. The neutral and whimsical pattern allows the piece to be worn all season long.


Saffron, a rich yellow, is a bright star among fall colors. The typical neutral colors of fall get an upgrade when paired with saffron. Passion Lilie’s Blue Vine scarf has the perfect amount of saffron in the leaves to make even the most basic outfit pop. An added benefit of the Blue Vine scarf is that the light material and blue, yellow combination make it wearable all year round. Even on the drabbest days the saffron in the scarf will make all your friends want to borrow it.

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