Organic Cotton Fleece Coats are THE Outerwear You Need This Winter

Three women wear organic cotton fleece coats

When the weather outside is frightful, it’s time to reach for the warm and cozy section of your wardrobe. If you’re in the market for a new piece of outerwear to keep you comfortable all winter, we recommend opting for organic cotton fleece coats. Organic cotton fleece coats are soft and warm, and they’re sustainably made to support local artisans and eco-systems. Read on for more reasons why we love organic cotton fleece coats and why we think you will, too.

They Offer Superior Comfort and Breathability 

The most important quality for any piece of outerwear is how you feel in it. Warm, comfortable, and confident are a given for Passion Lilie’s organic cotton fleece coats. Organic cotton fleece fabric provides excellent insulation, trapping warm air close to your body while also allowing your skin to breathe. This combination of warmth and breathability ensures you’ll feel cozy but never stuffy in your coat. The natural properties of organic cotton fleece make it ideal for layering so that you can adapt to any weather conditions. When you check out our organic cotton fleece coats, be sure to look for other products made from the same material, like sweaters and dresses, that are perfect for your layered looks all winter. 

Three women wear organic cotton fleece clothing

They’re Sustainably Made and Eco-Friendly

Organic cotton fleece is made from cotton that is farmed without chemicals, fertilizer, or pesticides. Farmers use rotation techniques, helpful insects, and human labor to grow their crops instead of harmful chemicals – working with nature instead of against it. Cultivating organic cotton fleece significantly reduces levels of water pollution, supports soil biodiversity and helps mitigate the effects of climate change by helping to sequester carbon in the soil. When you choose to buy an organic cotton fleece coat, you’re supporting a more environmentally responsible fashion industry. 

They Stand the Test of Time

Organic cotton fleece coats are not just pretty and warm, they’ll also stand the test of time. The high quality cotton used in Passion Lilie’s organic cotton fleece coats is less likely to wear out or develop piling over many seasons of use. Without harsh chemicals being used to grow the cotton, the fabric is softer, more durable, and holds its shape and color over time. This longevity not only saves you money in the long run but also reduces the amount of clothing waste in landfills. When your coat eventually does reach the end of its lifecycle, it’s less likely to contribute to landfill waste because it’s more biodegradable than conventionally grown cotton.

They’re Made Without Microplastics

Most fleece clothing is made with polyester, which releases microplastics into waterways when washed. These microplastics pollute the waterways, creating dangerous conditions for marine life and local ecosystems. Organic cotton fleece coats are made without microplastics, offering a more sustainable, eco-friendly option for your winter wardrobe. When you choose Passion Lilie’s organic cotton fleece coats, you’re opting for cozy comfort that makes a difference for marine animals and ecosystems around the world.

Microplastics in the ocean

They’re Available in Many Styles

Even if you don’t choose Passion Lilie’s options, we hope you’ll consider other organic cotton fleece coats because they’re so much better for the environment than outerwear made from conventionally grown cotton and other fabrics. Passion Lilie offers organic cotton fleece coats in several styles, lengths, and designs, allowing you to express your personal style while staying cozy and eco-conscious. 

They’re Ethically Made

Passion Lilie’s organic cotton fleece coats are hand screen printed or hand block printed with organic dyes by artisans in India. As a Fair Trade brand, we believe that communities grounded in collaboration, trust, support, and a sense of belonging make us stronger individually and as a whole. We're committed to transparency and fairness throughout every aspect of our supply chain. We believe in nurturing economic sustainability by collaborating with partners in India who pay fair and living wages, create a safe and healthy work environment, and invest in the overall wellbeing of the artisans. You can wear your coat in confidence knowing that the people who made it did so in safe, healthy, uplifting working conditions. When you shop with brands like Passion Lilie, you’re casting a vote for a more ethical and humane fashion industry.

An artisan perfects the hand block print

Organic cotton fleece coats do so much more than offer warmth and style. They’re sustainable, eco-friendly, and gentle on your skin. They provide comfort, breathability, and durability. When you choose organic cotton fleece coats, you can enjoy cold days knowing you’ve made an ethical and sustainable clothing choice. So this season, snuggle up in the cozy comfort of your favorite winter coat with the knowledge that you’ve made a difference in creating a more humane, eco-friendly fashion industry for all.

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