Layers of Love: A Textile Story

This Fall we teamed up with or handloom weavers in Andhra Pradesh to bring you beautiful hand woven ikat ponchos. 

What is Ikat Fabric?


Ikat dyeing and weaving is a centuries old tradition. Yarns are stretched out about 10 meters long, an intricate design is drawn onto the threads and rubber bindings are wrapped around the parts of the design that are to resist the dye. The threads are then hand dip dyed. The bindings are removed after dyeing and if a second or third color is used, this process is repeated. Once the threads are completely dyed, the fabric is woven on either a power loom or a hand loom. Read more here.


Layer the ponchos over sweaters or long sleeves for the perfect Fall look.  Or tie it in front for an on trend kimono look.

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