Earth Day 2021

Earth Day started in 1970 as a protest and way to take action for environmental justice. Climate change is a huge issue. Being a good steward and protecting the Earth is so important, especially to us here at Passion Lilie. There are a lot of fun easy activities that children and adults can participate in during Earth Day and throughout the year to help curb the use of fossil fuels. Some of our favorites are below. 

  1. Walk, bike or take the bus at least one day a week instead of driving. In New Orleans, we have the streetcar for public transportation.

  2. Pick up trash in your neighborhood and parks and keep bags and tongs on hand for beach days, so you can have fun and clean up at the same time.

  3. Once a month (or a week if you’re feeling inspired!), try to remove one single plastic from your life, such as bringing reusable bags to the grocery store or when out shopping. We have a wonderful collection of reusable totes for sale. If you find yourself at the grocery without your reusable bags, ask for a paper bag instead of plastic. 

  4. Purchase carbon or plastic offsets; plant a tree; compost or plant veggies at a neighborhood garden. At Passion Lilie, you can add one dollar (or more if you like) to your purchase to pay for carbon offsets that go toward initiatives that help fight climate change. 

  5. Shop fair trade fashion. Fair trade fashion supports fair wages and works with organizations that ensure safe and healthy working conditions. At Passion Lilie, we use sustainable practices and address issues such as zero waste. We also use and create products free of carcinogens and other toxic chemicals. 


It’s easy to implement simple practices into your life that support our planet. Start today! Did you also know it’s Fashion Revolution Week? If you missed our post on that, check it out. 

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