7 ways to style prints in your Spring outfits

Looking for some inspiration to transition between seasons? Check out this post to learn 7 cute ways to style prints in your spring outfits!

The transition of seasons is a great opportunity to give your wardrobe a refresh, take out what we had stored away, and make room for old and new clothes to come together and find fun ways to re-wear our clothes.

At Passion Lilie we love to work with unique prints and colors that bring life to each season but we also design each garment so that it can be worn in multiple ways.

You may think that colorful prints are hard to style, but it's actually pretty easy. If you follow these style tips we're sure you'll find new ways to incorporate prints into your wardrobe, so check out these cute spring outfits to give you some ideas on how to style our Golden Goddess Midi Skirt and our Chambray Ikat Shorts in 7 different ways.

Our rule of thumb is to wear clothes with prints either as your top or your bottom and balance your outfit with neutral colors to create harmony.

Look #1: Wear a sweater with spring clothes

Midi skirts are so fun to wear! They can be classy, elegant, casual and chic! Check out our Golden Goddess Midi Skirt here. You can transition between cool and warm days styling it with a neutral-colored sweater.


Look #2: Slide into your spring sandals and add a crop top

There's nothing more iconic to wear during spring than sandals. Add a cute crew neck and tuck it in or tie a knot and hide it to create a crop top look with a skirt.


Look #3: Elevate your outfit with heels

This look really proves how versatile our midi skirt is, just add a pair of heels to your outfit and you're good to go for a brunch day or formal date.


Look #4: Tone it down with sneakers

Are you a fan of wearing skirts and sneakers? We think it's a really fun way to create a casual look and ditch your jeans for a day.


Look #5: Pop color with accessories

If you are wearing a neutral colored print like polka dots with plain colored shorts there's space to pop color with a bold color. Be careful to not add too many colors with your accessories, try to stick to only one that stands out because you are already wearing a print and you want to maintain harmony with everything.

Our Chambray Ikat Shorts are a great option to achieve this harmony in spring outfits!

In this next example, you can also see the balance between a neutral colored print and bold accessories that add color to an outfit.

Look #6: Get creative with a wrap top

If you haven't yet, check out this post to see how many ways you can style our floral wrap top. A wrap top is very stylish and great for spicing up your spring outfits when you get bored of wearing the same tank tops.


Look #7: Incorporate ankle boots

Sometimes we get cool spring days, so when these days come they are a great opportunity to style sweaters and ankle boots while still wearing shorts. Don't be afraid of mixing shoes you thought were for another season with your spring outfits. You can always find a way to make it work.

Thanks to Natalia from The Mindful Choice for styling our clothes.


How to make prints work for you

The most important thing to acknowledge when adding something to your wardrobe is to make sure that it will blend in with what you already have. Take time to determine what colors you like and what type of style you prefer.

When looking for prints make sure they either contrast with neutral colors that you already have or if your wardrobe already has a lot of colors look for prints that are neutral like black and white, grey and white, blue and white, etc.


Stay stylish without compromising the planet

Did you know that when you buy clothes made out of polyester the microfibers tend to end up in the ocean? Microfiber pollution is a big problem that is really hard to stop because people keep buying clothes that are made of plastic.

What actually happens is that these clothes are washed in our homes and the microfibers go directly into water waste. If you want to help combat this issue, you need to look into sustainable options so that you make sure that your clothes are not polluting our water.

Look for natural fibers instead like cotton, linen, hemp, bamboo, modal, etc.

Just so you know, we use 100% organic cotton in our clothes because we like to keep you stylish without compromising the planet.

Our products are made with organic, pesticide-free, non-GMO cotton. In addition, we use azo-free, organic, and natural dyes.

For us, it's crucial to create fashion that does not leave a harmful footprint on this planet. Plus the benefits of using organic cotton are that it is made out of a plant, it's also hypoallergenic and it's a great fresh and breathable fiber for warm temperatures.

Using cotton during spring and summer will help you stay fresh and stylish!


Support ethical fashion this spring

The main reason we love prints so much is not only because we love bringing life to your wardrobe, but because every print has a story. All of our garments are made in India because our mission is to keep ancient dyeing and weaving traditions alive.

Check out more of our spring and summer collection here.

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