Fashion is NOT About Following the Latest Trends

Posted on June 24, 2014 by Katie Schmidt | 0 comments

Hopefully that got your attention. But the truth is that fashion is NOT about following the latest trend.

Fashion is the freedom to express oneself. This expression can be through clothing, jewelry, makeup, styling of hair, tattoos, piercings, and of course, my favorite, shoes.

These extensions of ourselves can represent what we do for a living (especially through uniforms), our believes or faith, our personality- likes or dislikes, the type of people we would like to attract and most importantly what we stand for.   

So when you wear clothing that is ethically made, whether that be made in America, fair trade or sustainable materials, you are telling the world where you stand.

Make a stand, express yourself, wear ethical fashion.

By wearing ethically made clothing you are proclaiming that you believe that all human beings across the world deserve the chance to have a decent life, and that if an individual works hard, they should be able to earn a fair and living wage that can financially support them.

You are also stating that human beings should not be enslaved and forced into labor. It may be hard to believe, but the Rana Plaza disaster unveiled the ugly truth- there are factories where human beings are threatened to work night and day with little to no sleep, and unsafe working conditions. This is slavery, and we should not tolerate it.

So, make a stand. Express yourself. Love yourself and others. Wear Fair Trade!


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