Re-Usable Organic Cotton Rounds with Bag
Re-Usable Organic Cotton Rounds with Bag
Re-Usable Organic Cotton Rounds with Bag
Re-Usable Organic Cotton Rounds with Bag
Re-Usable Organic Cotton Rounds with Bag
Re-Usable Organic Cotton Rounds with Bag
Re-Usable Organic Cotton Rounds with Bag

Re-Usable Organic Cotton Rounds with Bag

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Made from leftover production fabrics, these super soft organic cotton rounds can be used to remove makeup and for daily skincare and facial cleanings. Each pad is two layers, comes in a pack of 10 and uses only our softest organic cotton. These prints do not have any raised parts or roughness, perfect for even the most delicate skin. After using simply hand wash in warm water with mild detergent and lay flat to dry. 

These 10 organic cotton rounds come with an organic cotton drawstring bag, which allows you to hygienically store your pads.  Exact prints may vary slightly, but we will do our best to provide the color you request

  • Cotton Rounds: 4" in diameter (set of 10)
  • Drawstring Bag: 6.5" H X 5" W 


  • 100% cotton
  • Hand block printed with organic dyes
  • Zero waste- made from leftover production fabrics
  • Fair trade
  • Our products are handmade so there may be a 5-10% shade variation between the organic cotton rounds' picture and what you receive


    • Designed in New Orleans
    • Handmade in India


      We measure sustainability from the beginning of the production process to the end of a product's life. We're committed to creating products that have a positive impact on the people who create them and minimizing our impact on the planet.

      We aim to be open and transparent about our practices and are screened members of the Fair Trade Federation. Please contact us if you have any questions about our practices.

      Sustainable Materials

      We are dedicated to sourcing thoughtfully: we use materials that will not harm people or the planet. Recognizing the negative impact of pesticides on biodiversity and the health of farming communities, we use durable natural fibers, organic cotton when we can, and nontoxic dyes.

      Ethical Production

      We believe in nurturing economic sustainability by collaborating with partners in India who pay fair and living wages, create a safe and healthy work environment, and invest in the overall wellbeing of the artisans. Sustainable change is about going beyond fair wages. That's why we provide our artisan partners with opportunities for community development and to further their skills. Learn about our social impact initiatives >


      We recognize the importance of minimizing emissions that contribute to climate change. We work to minimize our transportation footprint by:

      • Sourcing materials from areas local to where we produce;
      • Purchasing carbon offsets to compensate for Passion Lilie's shipping from India to the U.S. and to our customers by purchasing carbon offsets; and
      • Encouraging our customers to purchase carbon offsets at checkout.

      Product Use

      We create high-quality, timeless products, and we educate our customers on how to care for their purchase to extend the life cycle of the product. We are against overconsumption and fast fashion. We understand that not everyone can afford sustainable fashion, which is why we try to offer the best price possible and run sales when we can—so our products are more accessible to customers of all economic backgrounds.

      End of Life

      All of our products are made from natural fibers and are biodegradable. We hope to soon offer a reseller program to create a closed-loop production process. Until then, to avoid your garments ending up in a landfill, we recommend reselling or donating your unwanted garments to a friend or a trusted organization. If you happen to tear or stain your Passion Lilie garments to the point that they are unwearable, we suggest cutting them into rags or, for the creative people, upcycle them into something new!

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