3 Ways To Start Choosing Quality Over Quantity

In this day and age, an ethical lifestyle is seen as a fad or trend, however it's actually a lifestyle for many people across the world, and should be for all. Contrary to popular belief on social media, eating vegan meals and protesting for what you believe is right or wrong aren't the only aspects of living ethically. Even though eating healthy and standing up for what's right are two main contributors to this lifestyle, it's also about choosing quality over quantity. More importantly, it's about ensuring that others, the environment and one's self aren't negatively affected by a person's every day choices. There are three steps one can take to begin ensuring that this happens:

  1. Buy consciously.

Before choosing to spend money with a company, one should do some research on the brand itself. Find out how their products are being made, down to what chemicals are being used for its creation. Additionally, one should know whether the employees are given decent working conditions, as well as fair wages that will allow them to be financially stable. Stop supporting businesses that accept anything less than, because every person working for a living deserves fair compensation. Don’t be afraid to check out a local fair trade company, instead of immediately going to large retail store chains. Doing so, could potentially save a life. Buying with companies that are Fair Trade certified will assure that these qualifications are met. Even if you don’t have much money to spend, try going to the thrift store, where you'll find cheap items that can still be used, rather than wasted and thrown away.


  1. Eat locally.

Support your local farmers market! In doing so, one would have a better chance at understanding what's used to grow and cultivate the food one puts into their bodies. Nonetheless, don’t forget to do your research. In addition, buying from local farmers lessens a person's chance of having food that's genetically modified (GMO) or made with harsh pesticides or chemicals. These GMO's and harsh chemicals not only harm the food and people who consume it, but it also hurts the environment.  More importantly, the money spent with local farmers will go solely to the people who work hard to ensure that people receive the best food they are able to cultivate. One may also go the extra mile and simply grow their own food. There's nothing like being able to pick everything you need for a meal, straight out of one's backyard. Eating locally could ultimately result in healthier and better tasting food, as well.


  1. Recycle regularly.

Never forget to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Plastic is a material every one handles at least once a day, however instead of constantly throwing away plastic containers, try buying containers that could be reused. For instance, water canteen's are a great way of being able to drink water all day without having to constantly throw away plastic water bottles. Also, some plastic contains harsh chemicals such as BPA, which could ultimately end up in the water or food that a person is consuming. Using BPA free, reusable containers could save one's body from harsh chemicals and save the environment from potential littering, ocean pollution and constant waste.


These three steps are an amazing start to a new and ethical lifestyle which every human being should find important, and not because it's what's trending. Taking these extra steps, and implementing them into one's life for long term purposes, could help create a world full of people who think and make choices according to how it could affect themselves, others and the environment. After all, shouldn't everyone be living an ethical lifestyle?

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