10 fall and winter outfits with Passion Lilie

Enjoy this layering season and check out how our clothing is perfect for creating fall and winter outfits!

Wear ethical fashion

At Passion Lilie we are passionate about ethical fashion, we are a brand that designs all of our clothing in New Orleans and produces in India with fair trade practices and wages.
We also have a training program where we invite women to learn skills during 3 months and they are then offered to work with us after. We have many initiatives that englobe sustainable and ethical practices because we believe fair trade is not charity and it is important for us to produce our clothing in a sustainable manner. 
So here are some ideas of 10 winter outfits you can create with our clothing! The point in buying from ethical brands like us is so that you can build a wardrobe that is easy to style and layer all year round, because organic clothing commits to high quality fibers and will help with making your garments last longer.
With that said when you buy a garment you should make sure it's versatile, has natural fibers and most importantly fits your style!
Outfit 1
Our blue striped organic jersey top with basic jeans and loafers.
Outfit 2
Our floral wrap top with white jeans and platform sneakers.
Outfit 3
Our long cardigan layered over high waisted jeans and a black long sleeve shirt with platform loafers.
Outfit 4
Our blue striped organic jersey top with basic jeans and loafers layered under a warm winter vest.
Outfit 5
Our organic jersey scarf worn as a shawl over a sweater.
Outfit 6
Our wrap dress layered over leggings and under a winter coat.
Outfit 7
Our iris organic sweater worn with a skirt and layered under a winter coat.
Outfit 8
Our wrap dress worn with a belt and layered under a leather jacket.
Outfit 9
Our organic jersey scarf worn over a black long sleeve shirt.
Outfit 10
Our iris organic sweater worn with jeans and layered under a winter coat.
Thanks to our model Natalia from  The Mindful Choice where she shares more sustainable style tips too. 
We hope this post has inspired you in some way to learn that there are many ways to re-wear your wardrobe and create multiple outfits with the same items. It's important to choose prints and fabrics that go with the season and your style to make the most out of your closet and build a long lasting wardrobe!

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