One Sweater, Ten Styles

The weather is getting colder and colder every day, sweater weather like never before, and this winter calls for keeping it warm while keeping it cool A classic sweater is a garment that every woman has in her closet. It provides us with that cozy feeling we crave during the winter season and is an easy garment to throw on when leaving the house. With a busy schedule full of Christmas shopping and coffee pit stops, your sweater will never disappoint you, and yet can begin to feel monotonous. To change up your style without changing out of your cozy sweater, here are 10 ways to style your sweater for a chic and comfortable winter, featuring Passion Lillie’s Snuggle in Hearts organic jersey sweater.

1. A pair of jeans 

Organic cotton sweater

A simple, yet cute style, this look is easy to throw on and perfect for shopping for Christmas gifts or grabbing a quick bite to eat with friends. It’s adding in little details, such as tucking the sweater in just a little bit at the front and cuffing the jeans, that make this look stylish. Finish off you outfit with your favorite pair of sneakers of black ballet flats and you’re good to go. 

 2. Add a blazer

Organic cotton sweater

By just taking the same outfit as before and simply unrolling the jeans, switching from sneakers to heels, and throwing on a blazer, you can change your style from cute and comfy to business casual in an instant. Wear your warm sweater to work and look classy while still being warm and cozy. Add a bold statement necklace or stylish earrings to complete your look.

3. A bold skirt

Organic cotton sweater

If you are wanting a looser fitting outfit that’s easy to breathe in, but is still a fashionable look, leave your sweater untucked over a bold, fun skirt. This gives you a trendy, boho-chic vibe that’s perfect for one of those warmer winter days. Add a pair of booties and your look is complete.

4. A fun print

Organic cotton sweater

            While wearing multiple prints can be intimidating, finding the right prints to go together will pay off and look super trendy. To keep my look simple, I chose opposing prints that matched the other: a white sweater with black dots and a black skirt with white dots. For the finishing touch, add a pair of heels to dress up you outfit.

5. A white button-up

Organic cotton sweater

Some winter days are cold enough to make us layer up, which can feel bulky or unflattering. By adding a simple white button-up under your sweater, you add an extra layer of warmth while still looking fashionable with a hipster vibe. Style this outfit with brown booties and cuffed jeans, and roll the hem of your sleeve over the sweater for an extra touch.

6. A black skirt

Organic cotton sweater

Another easy way to look classy, comfortable, and adorable is with an almost all-black ensemble. By pairing a black skirt with black tights or knee-high socks and black boots or booties, this look is chic and fashionable, while still being warm and comfortable.  If this outfit is too basic for you, add a bold accessory, such as a colorful scarf or a statement purse, to really make this look stand out.

7. Colorful pants

Organic cotton sweater

Bring some color to these dreary, cold days by adding a pair of colorful pants to your look. Fun pants will brighten up both your outfit and your day, and are easy to style. Cuff your jeans and tuck in the front of your pants for an extra touch, then grab a cup of coffee with your friends. You can finish off your look with black or brown booties, or even your favorite pair of sneakers if you’re looking to go a bit more casual.

8. A pencil skirt

Organic cotton sweater

This outfit is sophisticated with a touch of elegance that makes it perfect for the office or having a nice dinner with friends. Grab the pencil skirt of your choice and either tuck in your entire sweater or just the front to emphasis proportions. Dress this outfit up with a pair of strappy heels or keep it casual with black ballet flats of loafers.

9. Black leggings

Organic cotton sweater

Some days we just don’t want to put in the effort. Whether we need to do last minute shopping or in desperate need of caffeine, sometimes all we want to put on is something super casual and comfortable, and that’s okay! Just a simple pair of black leggings and sneakers are perfect for those quick errands. Adding a fun, colorful scarf can be an easy way to make this look pop.

10. Your favorite pajama bottoms

Organic cotton sweater

The best thing about cold weather is being able to curl up on your favorite chair in cozy clothes with a warm drink. Sweaters are for more than just a cute outfit, they’re also for lounging around watching Christmas movies and drinking hot chocolate! Stay safe and warm this season and take some time for yourself while bundled up in your favorite sweater.

Blog Post and Photos by Macie Sadler


  • Mac Allen

    Macie!!! You’re AMAZING!! Totally should be on Project Runway because you would win!!! :-)

  • Julie

    I love how you were able to pair the sweater with some many different pieces. My favorite is having it paired with a bold, colored skirt. Gorgeous and fun!

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