Holiday Shopping: The Ethical Way

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The holiday season is finally here and Passion Lilie is ready to spread good cheer! Every time the season of giving rolls around, many people end up spending money with companies that provide their workers with unfair wages, work conditions and even some that test on animals. Not only does this create a mediocre holiday experience for those facing this adversity, but it also goes against and misrepresents the holiday spirit everyone loves and adores. This year let's honor the gift of giving by doing so, ethically. We've created a list of items that are perfect for holiday gifting, from brands that provide ethical, eco-friendly and/or fair trade products! Happy Holidays everyone! 


 1. Spiced Pumpkin Soy Candle by P.F. Candle Company

This item is the most ideal gift of the holiday seasonCandles are not only a staple item when it comes to gift giving, but Spiced Pumpkin is also the holy grail of all holiday fragrances. P.F. Candle Company makes these soy-based candles, to avoid the toxicity of candles made with paraffins, and to further provide a cleaner and longer burn. In addition, the jar can be reused as well, so it's not just ethical, but also eco-friendly! Head to to check out more fragrances and the other ethical home goods they have to offer as well. 


2. Heart Diamond Pendant by Brilliant Earth

Guys! Looking to get your lovely lady something special this year? This is just what you've been searching for! This gift is stunning, elegant and most of all: ethical. The pendant is made of recycled sterling silver and Brilliant Earth also gives the option of using lab-created and recycled diamonds in an effort to remain eco-friendly. Even if you choose your typical diamond, Brilliant Earth not only offers conflict-free diamonds but they also list the country of origin. This allows one to know where the diamond came from specifically, verifying that they came from good labor, trade and environmental standards. 


3. Winter Grey Scarf by Passion Lilie 

A scarf is just what the doctor ordered this cold, holiday season! Passion Lilie's scarves are 100% cotton and totally fair trade. The designs are handwoven or hand block printed, and this one includes tassels for added flair! Even if grey isn't your color, indulge in Passion Lilie's various scarf designs on 


 4. Giraffe Stuffed Animal by The Little Market

Teach your kids the meaning of living ethically by gifting them with fair trade, ethical and eco-friendly products this holiday season. This stuffed animal is fair trade, artisan made and ethically sourced! The Little Market also provides a number of different animals to choose from, and even sets of stuffed animals for those looking to buy in bulk. 


 5. Blue Ikat Bolero & Dark Blue Midi Skirt by Passion Lilie

This set screams poise and sophistication! Midi skirts are currently trending this season, so it's only right to pair it with the bolero, which gives the look a vintage feel. Although these items are sold separately, the bolero is currently on sale for 40% off online! Passion Lilie also provides each item in various other designs that are handwoven or hand block printed, if you're looking to switch up the color scheme. Additionally, all of Passion Lilie's clothing is fair trade, designed in New Orleans and made ethically by artisans in India.  


 6. Star Light, Star Bright Bath Bomb by Lush 

The all famous bath bomb is the perfect stocking stuffer this year! This bath bomb oozes different shades of purple, blue and pink, all the while giving one the chance to bathe in glitter like the royalty that we are! This specific bath bomb contains almond oil to leave your skin silky smooth and ginger oil and lavender oil to help inspire imagination, positivity and relaxation. Did I mention that Lush doesn't test any of their products on animals? Head over to to check out the number of different bath bombs they have available. 


 7. The Classic Tulip Men's Button Up Shirt by Passion Lilie

This shirt's unique design is truly one-of-a-kind. This design is hand block printed with eco-dyes on 100% cotton. Passion Lilie also offers this shirt in 4 different patterns, all of which are available on Show your favorite guy what fair trade fashion is all about this holiday season! 

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