4 Home Decor Trends to Easily Incorporate into Your Home

Be bold. Fall 2019 interior design trends aim to make a space memorable. Whether it is bringing nature inside or spicing up your space with rich colors, each trend makes a big impact. Design trends come and go just like fashion trends. And just like fashion, accessories are an ideal way to keep up with interior design trends. Passion Lilie’s napkins and pillowcases are the perfect way to keep your home furnishings on-trend. Find our favorite pieces below:


Why keep nature motifs outside the home? The rise of biophilia, according to Elle Décor, encourages bringing Mother Nature inside.  Incorporate the trend into your space with Passion Lilie’s new pillowcases.  The pineapple pillowcase’s neutrality makes it the perfect piece to go in any room, but the gold accents on the pillow still make the pillowcase a scene stealer. If you’re looking for a brighter piece, the peacock pillow brings color and nature into the mix.  Both pieces add a sliver of nature without allowing it to take over space. 

Bolder Hues:

The neutral shades of 2018 have disappeared allowing deeper hues to take their place. According to Décor Aid, adding richer hues modernizes a space making a neutral room pop. Even the smallest addition of a bold hue, think reds, yellows, and blues, will make a room more memorable. The bright blue dye of Passion Lilie’s Playful Blue pillow has a lushness that will offset a neutrally grounded room.  A classic shade, blue, works in any space, but the Playful Blue pillow has an exciting pattern and a color that will keep guests dreaming of your living room.


Geometric Prints:

The theme this season is GO BOLD, so naturally, geometric prints make a major comeback this fall. The repetitive nature of the geometric print keeps a busy pillow from taking over a room. Additionally, a geometric pattern in a neutral color can be mix and matched with other prints, which according to Houzz mixing prints is another fall 2019 trend. Passion Lilie’s Black Geometric Pillowcase presents the opportunity to add a little interest to any room and leaves open the opportunity to spice up a room by mixing prints and adding color. Passion Lilie’s Black Fog Napkins compliment the geometric pillow perfectly. 


Feminine Tones or Warm Colors:

In contrast to many bold trends for Fall 2019, feminine tones have reappeared offering a contrast to the other fall trends. Feminine or warm colors tend to be reds and pinks incorporating both the soft and brighter shades. Passion Lilie’s Salmon Ikat Pillowcase generates depth in a neutral room without overwhelming the space. Instead the pillow makes the room feel calm. For a slightly bolder take on the trend, Passion Lilie’s Rusty Red Napkins give the warmth of a feminine color but still brightens up any dinner table. As summer fades into fall, the rusty red napkins provide the perfect combination between feminine tones and the traditional fall red.

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