2022 Goals

With 2022 in full swing, we wanted to share with you our list of goals here at Passion Lilie. We believe in honesty and transparency as a company. We strive to be transparent across our business through the relationships we build and how we work. We understand that our actions directly impact the world we thrive to create, one in which each person is valued.

Did you know Passion Lilie is named after the lily flower? The lily is the universal symbol of honesty, a value that sits at the heart of everything we do. We hope by sharing these goals, you'll help keep us accountable and together we can have our best year yet. 

Improve on eco packaging

Invest in and use recyclable carton sealer for heavy duty packages. Currently, we have a recyclable water activated paper carton seller, but it can only be used for packages that are under 10 pounds. We believe we have found an option for heavy duty packages with EcoEnclose.

Swap out shipping label holders for Zero Waste Direct Thermal labels. Why haven't we done this sooner?! Mostly because of the cost of purchasing the correct printer for these types of labels and integrating it with our current system. Once we resolve these two issues, our packaging will be completely recyclable! **Please note that we do have old supplies, so we will use what we have before making the switch. 

Commit to a monthly redistribution of funds 

Commit to a monthly redistribution of funds to three organizations that uphold Passion Lilie’s mission both local or national organizations focused on community development. We do give on a regular basis to organizations that align with our mission, but our giving has been a one time donation, usually during a time of crisis. We believe that sustainability for these organizations depends on regular monthly donations they can count on. 

Improve on production timelines

Improve on production timelines and increase order size with our producer groups to create a better workflow and continuous work for our team in India. Improving our production timelines has been the hardest during the pandemic, and in order to put our artisans and their safety first, this means designing each collection and ordering fabrics earlier than previous years. This puts a bit of a strain on our cash flow, which is why we value our customers' orders and per-orders so much (thank you!). 

Invest in a training program

Invest again in a training program for Indian women who want a job as a tailor. We started this in 2020, but the pandemic stopped the program. Read more information about the program here. Our goal for 2022 is to sponsor 1-2 women to complete the program.

So, that's it - our goals for Passion Lilie in 2022. Happy 2022, friends! We are feeling hopeful for the year ahead. We are excited about our new spring collection (which is so bright and beautiful) and hope you'll shop it soon. Until its release, follow along on Instagram. Wishing you a year of joy and peace. 

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