Design Philosophy

I create the patterns, samples and technical drawings by hand. My heart and soul go into every piece. My color inspiration for the prints comes from nature. I am very in tune with my surroundings and I believe that by wearing colorful, happy prints and patterns it will brighten your mood. I am inspired by the ancient Indian artisanal techniques of dyeing and weaving. The print and color patterns allow for a plethora of design possibilities.

I use streamlined silhouettes with a focus on fit and comfort. I try to create pieces that are timeless and seasonless to help eliminate the need for over consumption. I design for all ages and body types and every season, My goal is to create a collection that will inspire confidence in the woman who wears it.

My mission in life is to improve the world I live in, and because of my love for design, I have chosen to do this through fashion. I want to acknowledge that this is a small step toward tackling the larger challenges we face as a global society, but I believe that by supporting the work of leaders within the communities I collaborate in, I can do my part in helping build a more equitable future, where everyone is treated with respect. We are by no means perfect, but we hope to keep learning, growing, and evolving as a business.

- Katie


COVID-19 brought many challenges to our team in India from forced government closures to having to rethink the entire production setup and transportation needs for the artisans to keep them safe. The owners of the groups that we work with hold the same values and ethics as Passion Lilie and they committed to paying the artisans throughout COVID-19 even during the forced government closures. Passion Lilie believes that sustainability is the key to success, so in April we did a fundraiser for our team and we were able to raise enough money to pay for the block printers and stitchers salaries for one month to help relieve the financial stress and burden that COVID-19 created.

Social Initiatives: Job Training

At Passion Lilie we believe that sustainability should be in every aspect of our business. We noticed a lack of female tailors in the industry. We spoke with Girish who is the owner of the stitching unit that produces Passion Lilie’s apparel. He had a great solution- Passion Lilie could fund a training program for women who are interested in entering the apparel industry.

The program offers 3 months of free job training as well as a salary for both the trainee and the trainer during these 3 months. The stitching unit we work with has kindly offered part of their space as well as a sewing machine for the training. The trainee learns valuable advanced sewing skills on a variety of garments and fabrics allowing them to become a skilled tailored and receive an increase in salary.

Upon completion of the program, the trainee is offered a job at Passion Lilie. During the training program the participants do not work on Passion Lilie garments and if they do not wish to complete the program, they have no obligation to do so.

Our first trainee was Geetha. During her training she received an immediate raise from her previous salary. She learned all the necessary steps to complete a garment from beginning to end. And at the end of the program Geetha decided to work for herself, making garments for the local market creating her own sustainable income. We are proud of all Geetha has accomplished. She is a role model for those in her community for seeing an opportunity and creating her own business.

Passion Lilie’s goal initially with the program was to be able to fund 4 women per year in the training program. However, COVID-19 deeply affected our business both in the US and in India. Passion Lilie’s new goal is to get back on track in 2021 to offering the training program to 4 women each year.