Design Philosophy

I create the patterns, samples and technical drawings by hand. My heart and soul go into every piece.

My inspiration comes from nature and from New Orleans, which despite being born and raised in California, New Orleans is where I call home. This magical city sparks my creativity - from the beautiful Oak trees, to the vibrant houses and to the wonderful people of this city who are not afraid to be themselves.

I believe that by wearing colorful, happy prints and patterns it will brighten your mood. I find joy and inspiration from the ancient Indian artisanal techniques of dyeing and weaving. The print and color patterns allow for a plethora of design possibilities. And I often find a lot of similarities between India and New Orleans, both have a strong connection to their culture, festivals and arts & crafts.

I use streamlined silhouettes with a focus on fit and comfort. I try to create pieces that are timeless and seasonless to help eliminate the need for over consumption. I design for all ages and body types and every season, my goal is to create a collection that will inspire confidence in the person who wears it.

At Passion Lilie, we have two main collections each year, Spring/ Summer and Fall/ Winter, with several core pieces that can be worn year around, season after season.

My mission in life is to improve the world I live in, and because of my love for design, I have chosen to do this through fashion. I want to acknowledge that this is a small step toward tackling the larger challenges we face as a global society, but I believe that by supporting the work of leaders within the communities I collaborate in, I can do my part in helping build a more equitable future, where everyone is treated with respect. We are by no means perfect, but we hope to keep learning, growing, and evolving as a business.

- Katie