Why Buy Fair Trade Clothing?

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According to the Fair Trade Federation (FTF), fair trade is an ideology businesses adopt to support workers, from farmers to artisans, in third-world countries and around the world. The goal is to improve international trade by increasing its fairness, honesty, and transparency. Passion Lilie is a proud member of the FTF, and our brand prides itself on providing our hardworking artisans in India with fair pay and safe, uplifting working conditions. Passion Lilie and other fair trade companies, which can span from the clothing industry to coffee, chocolate, and more, believe in promoting trade that is equal, just, and empowering. Although we support all kinds of fair trade companies, we are particularly passionate about the answer to this one question: Why buy fair trade clothing?

Why buy fair trade clothing? To support workers like this in third-world countries and around the world.

Five Reasons Why You Should Buy Fair Trade Clothing

1. You help people in developing countries overcome poverty.

Fair trade companies agree to pay their workers fair wages. Having fair, stable income allows these workers to take care of their families by putting food on the table, providing clothing for their children, and more. At Passion Lilie, we offer Indian artisans the income they need to avoid the conditions of poverty.

2. You help develop entire economies.

Why buy fair trade clothing when your country’s economy is doing well? Far too many companies, both here and abroad, do not provide fair wages and healthy working conditions, which causes entire economies in other countries to suffer and need our help. As more members of a community are paid fair wages, more of that money gets invested into the greater economy, and more citizens can live healthier, fuller lives above the poverty line.

3. You reduce your impact on the environment.

Another facet of fair trade is being environmentally responsible. Our fair trade clothing is made with sustainably sourced and eco-friendly materials. Furthermore, Passion Lilie’s entire production and supply chain uses natural energy and sustainable resources. By protecting the environment, the areas in which fair trade clothing is produced will stay healthier and remain capable of producing goods and employing locals for many years to come.

4. It’s safe to wear.

Many fair trade companies use high-quality and eco-friendly materials—but more importantly, they avoid using harsh chemicals, dyes, and other unsafe materials. Passion Lilie has begun using organic, non-GMO, pesticide-free cotton as a part of our efforts as a fair trade company, and we also use plant- and vegetable-based dyes, organic dyes, and azo-free dyes.

Why buy fair trade clothing? We use high-quality and eco-friendly materials, such as the cotton pictured here.

5. You elevate workers’ voices.

Fair trade companies listen to their workers and give them the chance to speak openly about their wages, working conditions, job satisfaction, and more. Fair trade workers should know they are free from discrimination, forced labor, and other unfair conditions. Everyone deserves to have their voice heard. When you buy fair trade clothing, you can rest assured the artisans responsible for providing you with your new goods know their rights and have a dialogue with their employers.

Buy Passion Lilie’s Fair Trade Clothing

Why buy fair trade clothing from Passion Lilie? In addition to being ethical, our apparel is attractive, flattering, and high quality. At Passion Lilie, we love to see women (and men) embrace our bold prints, classic styles, and fashionable accessories. Here are some of our favorite pieces to make you feel great, both inside and out.

XO Blue Dress

Looking for fair trade dresses? This popular dress has the perfect bright blue print and sweet, flattering silhouette for summer. Enjoy the front pockets and soft organic cotton!

Buy fair trade clothing, such as this XO Blue Dress.

Chambray Men’s Shorts

These denim-colored shorts are just the right amount of comfortable and casual. The drawstring is easily adjustable so you can find your perfect fit, and the pockets complement the good looks with great functionality.

Buy fair trade clothing, such as these Chambray Men's Shorts

Spinnaker Grey Pants

Even in the heat of New Orleans, you’ll love our flirty and flowy Spinnaker Grey Pants. Embrace fair trade while rocking this fun print out on town or on a relaxing day at home.

Buy fair trade clothing, such as these Spinnaker Grey Pants

Explore Passion Lilie and Fair Trade Clothing

Passion Lilie is a fair trade brand dedicated to empowering artisans around the world. Designed in New Orleans and made in India, we are proud to produce fair trade apparel. Learn more about our ethical apparel and shop more of our fabulous products today.

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