All About Fair Trade Month

October is Fair Trade Month! Do you ever think about where your clothes come from? Who makes them? What their working conditions are or about their family life? What they were paid to make the clothing item you are wearing? Well, we do! That’s why Passion Lilie is proud to be a member of the Fair Trade Federation. Those questions are the “why” behind Passion Lilie’s creation. 

Making a difference in the world 

Passion Lilie’s founder first learned about sustainable businesses years ago, and became inspired to combine her skills in a positive way to do something good with her love for design. Now here we are! All Passion Lilie products are produced in India. By maintaining all production there, we are able to create steady jobs for our artisans and enable them to keep their ancient artisanal dyeing and weaving traditions alive. At the same time, these artisans incorporate new apparel and fabric manufacturing techniques to bring the highest quality to our products. 

Feel good, look good 

Passion Lilie blends classic silhouettes with hand woven ikat and playful block prints to create pieces that are both timeless by design and effortless to style. We produce many popular women’s garments as well as men’s garments, scarves, sarongs, napkins, throw pillow covers, totes, and more. Our customers feel good knowing they’re purchasing sustainable clothing that looks and feels great. With high-quality fabric and stitching, along with silhouettes that are tailored, streamlined, and fitted, we more than stand out from the competition.

So what is Fair Trade?

Let’s dive in further. Fair Trade Month brings awareness to the importance of Fair Trade and how it impacts the global economy. Fair Trade businesses care about people and the planet, and they use good business practices. Fair Trade is not charity. Instead, it’s a trade-based movement that focuses on creating long-term relationships based on transparency, trust, and respect. We believe this because it's not about buying to help other women (although you do), it's about paying the fair cost of our clothing. As a Fair Trade company, Passion Lilie works with several groups globally. We work with organizations that ensure safe and healthy working conditions, including opportunities for advancement. 

Working together for a more sustainable future 

Sustainable change is also about going beyond fair wages, which is why we make sure our artisan partners are provided with opportunities for community development and to further their skills… because these skills are top-notch and Passion Lilie wouldn’t be Passion Lilie without the knowledge + handiwork of our skilled artisans! We co-design with them, then market and sell the product. Our artisans are paid fair, living wages for their work and in turn, we create long term business relationships where both parties are treated equally. 

Join us! 

Passion Lilie aims to create (and nurture) those long term, sustainable, mutually-beneficial business relationships. We believe community building is key to nurturing equity in every aspect of how we operate. Passion Lilie is proud to be a member of the Fair Trade Federation. The bottom line is, we’re doing business the best way we know how - and that includes partnering with individuals in India who have the skills and expertise that makes Passion Lilie Passion Lilie. Join us on our journey!

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