6 Black-Owned Sustainable Fashion Brands to Support This Juneteenth

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So you want to be a better ally and learn more about how you can support the Black community during this year’s Juneteenth celebrations.

You've read books from Black authors on racial justice and history.

You've taken courses on race and gender because there's always room to learn more.

You've listened to podcasts hosted by Black individuals sharing their unique lived experiences.

But another, and certainly not the only, way you can show solidarity is through your purchases.

We at Passion Lilie want to briefly talk about the importance of Juneteenth and ways you can support the Black community year-round. As well as share a few of our favorite Black-owned sustainable fashion brands that we know you’ll love too.

Feel Good About Your Purchase When You Shop From Black-Owned Brands

You may be someone who personally celebrates Juneteenth, or maybe you’re an ally looking for ways to show more support. We know that Juneteenth is a meaningful holiday for Black Americans because it marks the day that the last enslaved African-Americans learned of their emancipation in 1865. But although slavery was abolished more than a century ago, its damaging aftereffects continue to span generations and cause disproportionate harm.

That’s why, as consumers and allies, who we buy from matters.

Your dollar goes further to make a positive impact when you spend it locally or shop from independent, Black-owned businesses compared to large brands. In your day-to-day life, showing tangible support for the Black community can look like buying books from a Black-owned bookstore instead of a bookstore chain. Buying art from Black creatives and sharing their work online. Or dining at Black-owned restaurants in your local area.

And when it comes to fashion, you won’t have to compromise on sustainability, style, or your social values. Here’s a list of six Black-owned brands crafting beautiful products you can purchase and show your support for.

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Black-Owned Ethical and Sustainable Fashion Brands

1. Two Days Off

Two Days Off is the creative brainchild of Gina Stovall — geologist, climate researcher, and brand designer — promising soft and durable garments in considered silhouettes. Every piece is designed with comfort and the planet in mind. Explore artful wrap dresses, clean boxy tops, a versatile duster in natural earth tones, or comfy tapered trousers. Garments are ethically made-to-order or produced in small batches and crafted from natural materials like linen, cotton, and wool. So you can shop assured that each piece is sustainable and timeless by design. What makes the brand extra special is its capsule collection, with each garment carrying a story behind it. When you wear a Two Days Off piece, you’ll feel a sense of ease evocative of weekends, or “two days off”, which is the inspiration behind the brand’s name.

2. Nia Thomas

Nia Thomas describes her eponymous brand as an “autobiographical brand”, with pieces born from her travels exploring fabrics and beads from around the world. Made to be worn and cherished for a lifetime, each garment is slowly hand-weaved from luxurious natural fibers and hand-dyed with food scraps in NYC and small, ethical factories in Mexico and Hong Kong. View their buttery soft tank tops with low scoop backs or try their best-selling wide-leg slit pants for a dramatic dancer look. Pieces are made from recycled, deadstock, and biodegradable fabrics so they remain gentle on the planet. Nia Thomas produces small batches of loving knitwear intended to make you feel more connected to the world each time you wear them.

3. Tree Fairfax

Tree Fairfax is a slow, minimalist leather goods brand with designs meant to have you move lightly and carry only the essentials with you throughout your day. Each product is expertly handcrafted by Tricia “Tree” Fairfax Hash using only locally sourced leather. What others would view as natural imperfections in leather, Tricia incorporates into her goods, minimizing waste and enhancing the beauty of the leather to produce a handbag that is truly one-of-a-kind. For an endlessly versatile piece, shop the half-moon bag which can be worn as a hip bag, shoulder bag, crossbody, or a clutch. If you’re in the market for enduring leather goods that wear well over time, consider Tree Fairfax.

4. Black Borders

From her Atlanta-based shop, Marion Maynor designs, cuts, and sews inclusive and customizable garments for all bodies. Her brand, Black Borders, seeks to uplift individuals who are traditionally pushed to the margins in fashion and encourages customers to embrace their individuality. Check out their denim jacket in “Sea” for a jaw-dropping reimagining of sea foam on water or choose the same jacket in “Sky” for a brighter jacket that’s ultra-cool. Celebrate all that makes you unique in a Black Borders statement piece.

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5. Zou Xou

Zou Xou marries artisan craftsmanship with modern design to produce small-batch, leather shoes that are both functional and long-lasting. Each shoe is thoughtfully designed by founder Katherine Theobalds and handcrafted in Argentina by a small team of master shoemakers. At Zou Xou, workers are empowered to set their own wages and hours and work in an environment built on respect and open communication. Designed for the authentic woman, Zou Xou inspires women to shop consciously and only buy products they truly love. Find your new favorite pair of shoes today by browsing Zou Xou’s sensible and on-demand collections.

6. Mive

Founded by identical twin sisters, Maya and Mica Caine, Mive is a slow fashion platform featuring made-to-order and size-inclusive brands all in one collective space. Labeled as a destination for “life-affirming fashion”, the platform is a great way to discover independent designers that share a sustainable and circular design ethos. Mive also offers virtual sizing services for a hyper-personalized shopping experience that affirms all bodies. You can explore their curated catalog to shop for clothes that maximize self-expression and add fun to any wardrobe.

Fashion as Solidarity

This year on Juneteenth and all year from now on, you’re set on becoming a better ally, taking action, and showing more support for the Black community. We at Passion Lilie share the same sentiments and continuously strive to be a brand that stands with marginalized identities.

You can show your support by buying from Black-owned brands today.

And share this blog with a friend who you know would be excited to do the same!

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