Reactive Dyeing

Reactive dyeing is a process where the dyes absorb and change the base color of the fabric during the curing process. Because of the handmade nature of this method of dyeing, every piece of fabric is unique and variations in color are normal. All dyes used in this process are eco- friendly GOTS certified organic dyes.

Dyeing Process:

  1. First the fabric is dyed the initial base color.
  2. A binder is formed by soaking Gum Arabic resin crystals in water for a day.
  3. The fabric is then hand block printed.
  4. Each fabric is wrapped in recycled newspaper and steamed for a whole day.
  5. The fabric is then washed and cured in the sun so the colors can develop.
  6. If a second or third color is used then steps 1-4 are repeated.
  7. After printing, steaming, and washing the Gum Arabic residue is removed leaving behind a super soft fabric.