An organic cotton dress for every occasion

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When you buy a dress you want to make sure you'll use it more than once. Read this post to find ideas on how to rewear our organic cotton dress for every occasion!

Idea 1: Wear it as it is with a comfortable pair of shoes

wrap dress

Idea 2: Wear a belt and cover it up with the fabric 

wrap dress

This is a great tip if you want to play around with the length of the dress and prefer to wear it a little shorter, you'll still have a defined silhouette around the waist and a new way to style it.

wrap dress

Idea 3: Wear it with sandals during spring or summer
The great thing about organic cotton is that the fabric is versatile enough to wear during different seasons! It will keep you cool during warm weather and warm during winter.

wrap dress

Idea 4: Add some heels and a  coat and your good to go for work

To elevate your outfit you can wear this same cotton wrap dress adding formal elements to your style like subtle stiletto heels and a blazer or coat.  

wrap dress

Idea 5: Layer with leggings and a leather jacket for a rocker style 

If you love dressing relaxed but at the same time bold, don't be afraid of layering your dress with other elements like a statement jacket and leggings. There are so many ways you can express your signature style when it comes to layering.

wrap dress

Thanks to our model Natalia from Marmag Creation where she shares more sustainable style tips too.

wrap dress

Your style is your personality reflected in what you wear  

Do your clothes reflect who you are? We like to think that our style is a reflection of our personality, there are so many types of ways you can express something without even saying a word. Choose colors that send a positive message, select fabrics that are timeless, elegant and comfortable. But most importantly choose clothes that you love and will wear on repeat.
At Passion Lilie we like to carefully design each garment thinking about versatility and satisfying your quest for clothing that can be worn in multiple ways. Plus if you don't know already we are an ethical brand that is a member of the Fair Trade Federation as well as other sustainable credentials. We believe that fair trade is not charity, it is a way of shopping. Check more detail about our story here.
We hope you enjoyed reading this post and browse around our shop to find a perfect organic cotton dress that represents your style!




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