From our Founder's Mom - Top Mother's Day Picks

This is a guest blog post from our founder's mom, Kathleen Dowd. Read on to find out her favorite Passion Lilie items to gift! 

Happy Mother’s Day! 

Spring is upon us and new growth is all around us in many ways. It looks as if we may be turning the page on some very recent challenges, which is encouraging. As we turn the page of the calendar to May and celebrate Spring, we have the opportunity to celebrate Mother’s Day 2021. Thinking of this upcoming wonderful holiday I began to contemplate the word "mother," the meaning of Mother’s Day and how to celebrate and honor mothers.

What mother means to me 

To me the word mother carries the implication of caring for another in a very loving and nurturing manner. Mother is not limited to just the implication of biology. A mom can come in all shapes and sizes and even genders. I say this because the list of moms is never ending. There is the biological mother, the foster mother, the stepmother, the single mother, the single father, the grandparent, and so much more. There have been people in my life of whom I am not related to but have been like a mother to me. 

“The problem with the world is that we draw the circle of our family too small.” - Mother Teresa

 Let's honor all mothers 

These mothers and those who serve as a mother deserve to be honored through the art of giving back, as they are the ultimate givers. I have found mothers to be the most appreciative people when someone honors them with a gift. Passion Lilie offers many beautiful and useful products that make a wonderful Mother’s Day gift. Some of my favorites are scarfs in the following patterns:

I like these scarfs because they can be worn year-round. I have given them to family members, who love them! The headbands also make a wonderful gift. I gave one to a friend, who said it helps her handle her hair on those unmanageable hair days. Some of my other favorites include the versatility of the sarong (perfect for this time of year) and the tote bags. I use the tote bag for books, knitting, groceries and veggies and of course the miscellaneous items that I always seem to have with me. 

Please consider Passion Lilie for your Mother’s Day shopping, and Happy Mother's Day! 

“A mother’s love is like an island, in life’s ocean vast and wide.  A peaceful, quiet shelter. From the restless, rising tide." - Helen Steiner Rice

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