Fair Trade vs. Free Trade: Learning the Difference

Fair trade...free trade...fair trade...free trade...

Say that five times fast. 

There's a reason people confuse the two.  We all want freedom, and we all want fairness.  But what is the difference between the two, exactly?  

Put simply, "free trade" refers to government systems that facilitate exchange between countries.  These agreements include lowered quotas and tariffs, and loosened trade regulations across borders.  The goal of free trade is to foster economic growth for participating countries.

"Fair trade," on the other hand, refers to a socially conscientious movement whose goal is to encourage social and economic equity.  Fair trade businesses and organizations seek to empower oft-marginalized artisans and producers through providing fair wages for good work, so that workers can access a higher quality of life.  

Here's a breakdown from a comprehensive article published by Fair Trade Federation: 

Fair Trade vs. Free Trade


At Passion Lilie, we're so proud to be fair trade certified and to play one part in a larger movement that actively contributes to a better world.  

Now go impress people at dinner parties with your new knowledge! 

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