From Pencil & Paper to the Final Product

Posted on November 11, 2015 by Katie Schmidt | 0 comments

Every product I design begins with an idea in my head that is inspired by something in my world.

Let me take you on a journey of designing the trumpet scarf. One sunny day I was walking in the French Quarter of New Orleans when I saw a trumpet lying on it’s side next to a musician. It looked so beautifully placed that I was inspired to use it in a scarf.

Below is the initial design I created using pencil and paper.


I then transferred this design to Photoshop in order visualize row and after row of the trumpets.


Once I was happy with my concept, I sent a detailed technical drawing with measurements to the block makers in India. They took about a week to hand carve the trumpet design into a teak wood block. For the border, I decided to use an existing border we already had. 

And a few months later, thanks to the skilled block printers in India, the trumpet scarf is now available for purchase!

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