Painting a Dream with Colors

As some of you may know, fashion companies and designers begin on a collection almost a year before it is launched, and perhaps this explains why I am always confused about what month we are actually in. As I write this blog about the spring collection, my mind is already vastly absorbed in colors, prints and silhouettes for Fall 2014. 

Last fall I dreamed of a beautiful ocean and young girls playing in the sand. Below you will see my initial color palette, which ranges from a sandy peach to a bold purple on top and on the bottom ocean like hues of teals and blues followed by a few neutral colors. I start with a wide range of options, and then narrow done my choices based on availability.

Spring 2014 color palette for Passion Lilie.

When our artisans in India create our fabrics they use five basic natural (plant or vegetable based) colors that are mixed together to form a wide range of colors. However, because these colors are from the earth and not chemically made, not every color is possible.  For example, the master craftsmen had difficulty creating the soft feminine peach I desired, so we ended up using a subtle mauve color that I love. I have learned to have patience and flexibility when working with natural dyes.

 Spring 2014 fair trade fabrics for Passion Lilie

Above you will see some of the fabric choices I used in the ocean tones. I chose these colors not only because of their connection to one of my favorite places to escape to, but also because they are flattering on many different skin tones, and they are iconic colors for Passion Lilie.

Fair trade and ethical floral dress.  Fair trade and ethical floral maxi skirt.

The mauves and pinks in floral prints helped to bring the femininity and romanticism into the spring collection that I envisioned. And yes, that is yours truly modeling some of the spring items.

Fair trade and ethical shift dress.  Fair trade and ethical black and white shift dress.

And finally, I brought in greys and blacks, because even though it is spring black, white and grey are always in style. These dresses above are great for dinner a la fresco in the spring: a little dressy, but still fun and flirty.  

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  • Kathleen

    I love your choice colors! You spring line looks very refreshing!

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