Buy Fair Trade & Good Things Will Happen

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Why purchase a fair trade garment from Passion Lilie? So you can start your day on the right path… on the way to changing the world.

Top 5 reasons why you should buy from Passion Lilie today: 

  1. Today’s world is small: Our purchasing habits do affect others all around the world including farmers in remote villages of Africa and tailors in distant towns of India
  2. We believe that it is important to consider every decision you make as a conscious act to improve the world
  3. When we purchase garments that are fairly made, we are supporting fair wages, healthy working conditions and protection of the environment.
  4. Our fair trade fabrics are 100% cotton; there are no synthetic materials or harmful chemicals that will itch or irritate your skin
  5. And lastly our garments are both stylish and affordable

Fair trade and ethical women's cotton dresses and skirts

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