Social Impact Initiatives

Empowering Female Tailors through Job Training

At Passion Lilie, a focus of our sustainable business model is building a more equitable workplace. While women comprise more than 60% of workers in the apparel industry in India, few rise to the more advanced—and higher paying—position of tailor. In order to elevate more women to become tailors, we've developed a free job training program.

Through our training program, women interested in entering the apparel industry receive three months of free job training, a salary, and a loaned sewing machine and free space to work in our partner's sewing unit. The trainee learns valuable advanced sewing skills on a variety of garments and fabrics allowing them to become a skilled tailor and receive an increase in salary.

Upon completion of the program, the trainee is offered a job at our Partner's Unit. During the training program the participants do not work on Passion Lilie garments and if they do not wish to complete the program, they have no obligation to do so.

Our first trainee was Geetha. During her training she received an immediate raise from her previous salary. She learned the steps to complete a garment from beginning to end. And at the end of the program Geetha decided to work for herself, making garments for the local market creating her own sustainable income. We are proud of all Geetha has accomplished. She is a role model for those in her community for seeing an opportunity and creating her own business.

Launched in 2018, the program had to be paused due to COVID regulations. We hope to restart job training in Spring 2022 and aim to train at least two women per year.

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