Samples & Seconds

In order to reach our sustainability goals we are offering our seconds and samples to our customers at a discounted price.

What are Seconds? These are garments that don’t quite meet the cut usually due to small printing or weaving mistakes. These garments are still completely wearable, but not acceptable for us to sell at full price. 

What are samples? Before we begin production, we make one garment in order to review the fit, fabric and style. Some samples never get produced and some samples need adjustments in the fit. 

This section on our website is a great way for everyone to participate in sustainable fashion and we are not sending items to landfills. The money we earn from the seconds and samples goes to more research and development in new sustainable designs. ⁠

Please read the product descriptions carefully to understand why the garment is discounted. Each listing is for one unit. We recommend sorting by size when shopping. In order to offer the best price possible, all sales are final.