We Are on a Mission To Reduce Textile Wastage

Happy Fair Trade Month!  

We are excited to launch our new mission of reducing textile wastage this October during Fair Trade Month. We took all our wastage and created useful and fun items that we hope will help you be more eco-friendly as well 

The Tote 

Aren't these perfect for your fruits and veggies? For only $5 you can add this tote bag onto your next order, in-store and online! This item will not only reduce textile wastage for Passion Lilie but it will also help reduce the use of plastic bags on your next grocery shopping trip. They even have a beautiful print so you can be stylish while doing so. Cheers to the eco-friendly shopper! 

The Re-Usable Napkin 

Fair Trade Colorful Ikat Reusable Napkins

Stop wiping the counter and your mouth with paper that gets thrown away. Let's reduce the wastage of paper towels by getting a re-usable napkin! These super cute napkins can be washed over and over again, so you're saving money and trees. Click here to purchase.  

The Headband 

Fair Trade Chevron Headband

Who says reducing textile wastage can't be fun? These boldly printed headbands add spice to any casual look. Throw one on for a walk to the store or even an afternoon outing with friends! Reducing textile wastage never looked so good. Click here to purchase.

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