Transition into fall with our button up dress

In this post you will find some styling tips on how to transition into fall with our Passion Lilie button up dress.


Are you getting your wardrobe ready for fall? Every season brings us new beginnings, but that doesn't always mean having to buy a complete new wardrobe. If you learn to build a smart wardrobe you can focus on selecting essential items that are versatile enough to be worn in different ways and that way you will always get that feeling of wearing something different even though it is the same garment!

Add our button up dress to your wardrobe

Our gray chevron button up dress is a great addition to your wardrobe because it is made out of 100% cotton which is perfect for staying cool during summer as well as for layering during fall.
Play around with the dress wearing it over leggings or jeans 
There's nothing more stylish than daring to wear edgy tops over your basic jeans. You can toss on some heels to elevate your look for a work style outfit, or dress it down wearing mules or loafers to maintain a casual vibe like the example below.

The pockets are great for making you feel casual and comfortable
Who doesn't love pockets in a dress? They come in handy and at the right height. You'll love them just as much as you would love the pockets in any jacket or sweater.

button up dress 3

 Open the button up dress and wear it as another layer

During the fall transition season it's important to dress in layers because one minute it may be 80°F and the next 50°F , so when the season is changing a smart way to pull off an outfit is wearing short sleeve and long sleeve combos with this dress so that you can throw on or take off a layer throughout the day. Plus wearing your dress as a jacket just gives it a perfect minimalist silhouette that will grab anyone's attention!  

button up dress 5

Thanks to our model Natalia from The Mindful Choice where she shares more sustainable style tips too. 

Choose ethical fashion

There are so many brands out there that sell button up dresses, but do you know what makes us different? Our values.

We value your time, we value your money, but we also value our workers and their time. All of this means we are a fair trade brand that gives a fair part of each sale to our makers in India and New Orleans. Fair trade is not charity, it is about choosing to pay the fair price. So the next time you have the option to choose, what will it be? (If you loved our button up dress get it here.)


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