Who Made Your Clothes?

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Two years ago, on April 24th, the Rana Plaza factory in Dhaka, Bangladesh collapsed killing 1,133 people and injuring over 2,500. 

Thanks to individuals, bloggers and businesses throughout the world April 24th is now known as Fashion Revolution Day, the day that we take a look at our tags and think about who made our clothes.

Just over two years ago, I also decided to start Passion Lilie. I was inspired by the idea that a for-profit business could help create sustainable jobs and better societies for communities throughout the world.

I am not Passion Lilie. Passion Lilie is a team of artisans across India that are dedicated to creating quality products for you.

All of our production is done in Bangalore by an organization that employs women from low- income communities. These women  receive free on the job training, an above average salary, assistance in obtaining health insurance and financial advising. On top of the general benefits, as I saw first hand during my visit, these women are happy to go to work, because at their job they have formed a positive and uplifting community. The women celebrate the joys in life such as a new baby being born by bringing sweets to work. When asked what they love most about their job all of them expressed their appreciation for the community they have at work and that every day they get to work on something different. (They are not sewing shoulder seams, for example, every day like they would do in the apparel industry).

And this team in Bangalore would not be such an amazing family if it were not for the mother, aka manager, Lydia who guides the women through their work. Apparel production is not easy and I am on Skype almost daily with Lydia as we work together to bring you beautiful garments.

From the stitching to our fabrics, every element of our process has a story. Our block printing is done in two very different locations in India- in the state of Andhra Pradesh, in a very small village 10 hours outside of Hyderabad and in the state of Rajasthan. Both groups consist of about 10 artisans who are paid an above average wage, especially compared to other block printing units in the region and they enjoy benefits such as loan assistance when needed and a safe and healthy working environment.

And finally just outside of Hyderabad in the state of Andhra Pradesh we work with a family of hand loom weavers who practice ikat dyeing. Passion Lilie is the first foreign group that these artisans have worked with and they have enjoyed the steady work that we have been able to provide them.

This is our story, and if we had a big enough tag, it would tell all of the above. I am so grateful for these artisans that allow me to live my dream of being an ethical designer.

Who made your clothes? (As told by Ruth Roberts at our production unit. All pictures by Ruth Roberts.)


Lydia made your clothes!

Lydia is the backbone of the production unit. Having shown great potential in training, Lydia became a sample tailor at the unit in 1999, from where she quickly rose into managerial roles.

As Production Manager, Lydia now oversees the daily operations including quality control, technical advice and budgeted labour, as well as coordinating with buyers and overseeing production targets. That's a lot, but it's not all! Lydia's entrepreneurial spirit has grown in leaps and bounds: going back to evening classes and completing her secondary education in 2009 has enabled her to pursue her passion for fashion with a diploma in Fashion Designing & Merchandising, and most recently a diploma in Business Entrepreneurship on which she won the top prize for her business plans.

Lydia's success has had a direct impact on her family, enabling them to move out of a slum community to a bigger, safer home close to work. Her two daughters are inspired to do well in school and know that anything is possible for their future if they work hard. And thanks to regular production orders like those from Passion Lilie, Lydia has been able to help oversee the growth of the unit and the potential to employ many more women. 

Kalaivani made your clothes!

When Kalaivani joined the unit in May 2012, she was as timid as a mouse. She had experienced much sadness in her family and her confidence was at rock bottom. Gaining skills, taking on responsibilities and completing her work to a high standard has all contributed to Kalaivani truly blossoming.

She has consistently taken the initiative in improving her own skills and this year, the production unit has supported Kalaivani to go back to school to complete her 10th Standard exams which will open the door to a world of further training, education and opportunities in her future. Kalaivani has worked on Passion Lilie clothes since the very first order and enjoys the variation of styles and prints. The Spinnaker pants with the slit were quite the revelation around here!

Kanchana made your clothes!

If you can hear a loud laugh at the unit, it's almost guaranteed to be Kanchana! A member of the stitching team since early 2013, Kanchana is patient, learns very quickly and is committed to her work, being determined to stay on at the unit in the future when she gets married rather than being at home as a housewife. Hooray for independence!

Kanchana has been trained by our main sample tailor Sumitra to lead on ever more complex stitching jobs and she is now working confidently on Passion Lilie samples for every collection. Kanchana's favourite thing about tailoring has always been dreaming up designs for her own dresses so it is fascinating for her to see all of the different Passion Lilie cuts and details. She is very excited to see the next season's designs already!


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Spring Has Bloomed

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Our favorite time of year has arrived and it is almost time to throw on your favorite cotton summer dress.

What will you get from Passion Lilie this year? With a flair for the vintage and a soft romantic touch, we think you will love the new spring collection. Check out our catalogue here.

Plus join us at Congo Square festival in New Orleans this weekend. We will have lots of discounts on past seasons and samples.


Passion Lilie fair trade, eco and ethical dresses, skirts, pants and tops.
Passion Lilie fair trade, eco and ethical dresses, skirts, pants and tops.

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Peacocks of Inspiration

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Last summer I ventured to the village in India where our hand block printing is done. I flew into the big city of Hyderabad and then took a 9 hour train ride to a very small fishing town. The owners of the block printing workshop picked me up at the train station and drove me another 20 minutes to their village.

I spent a week at the village enjoying the simplicities of life, understanding the full process of block printing with natural dyes and even learning how to block print. Of course, in one week I did not develop the technique and skill level of the master block printers who pride themselves at their 15- 30 years of experience. These printers have an accurate and fast hand with almost no mistakes. 

One day Nagendra, the workshop owner, showed me this beautiful peacock block that is about 45 years old and 14" X 13" big.  My immediate thought was that I have to have this print on a bag- a simple canvas tote so the beauty of this block can stand out in all its glory. And thus I began to design a small collection of hand block printed totes. Below is the first collection with more to come in the near future.

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Mardi Gras is Done, Now It's Spring Cleaning Time - 30% off all Apparel

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For those in New Orleans, we can feel it in the air... Mardi Gras is over and it is crawfish time. We are in anticipation of warm weather and good festival times.

At Passion Lilie, we are just a couple weeks away from launching our new Spring 2015 collection of fair trade, eco and ethical fashion. But before the new inventory comes in, its time for a spring cleaning!

30% off all apparel on the website, 
including already discounted items!

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passion lilie fair trade, ethical and eco fashion

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Snowy Chicago Kept Us Smiling

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Just a couple weeks ago Passion Lilie made the trek up north to snowy Chicago for Stylemax, a wholesale apparel show. We were surprised by the amazing response. Retail buyers loved our colorful prints and appreciated hearing about the eco friendly and fair trade side of our company.

A common word we heard about our line was “fresh”. So thank you- we are excited to launch our fresh new line for Spring 2015!

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Tradeshow Schedule

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 Click here to view our tradeshow schedule or email us at Katie@passionlilie.com for salesman samples.

We are very excited for Spring 2015. We have expanded our collection to include new styles and prints, as well as the return of some of our best sellers.


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Year in Review + 30% off Entire Site

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We would like to take the time to thank all our customers, followers, fans and supporters for giving us a successful year! 2014 was our first complete year of operations, and we hit some of our biggest milestones that have given us great energy as we move into 2015. 

Fair trade artisans in India

Top 3 Goals Passion Lilie Reached in 2014:

  1. Supporting 100+ artisans across India with a fair wage from the cotton farmers to block printers to tailors.
  2. Personal visits and interviews with 4 different artisan groups leading to acceptance as a member with the Fair Trade Federation
  3. Reaching our environmental sustainability goals including recycling scrap material into headbands and bracelets, which helped us gain certification as a Green Business with Green America

      Fair trade artisans in India

      And as we move into 2015, its time for an end of season sale.

      Coupon for 30% of entire site

      Please enjoy 30% off the entire site from now until January 5, 2015. Coupon code: Happy2015


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