An organic cotton dress for every occasion

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When you buy a dress you want to make sure you'll use it more than once. Read this post to find ideas on how to rewear our dresses for every occasion!

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Trend of the Week: Reactive Dyes

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Most of us have encountered reactive dyes before, even if we didn’t realize it at the time. Have you ever tie-dyed a shirt? Modern tie-dye often uses reactive dyes. Many American retailers, however, do not use reactive dyes. Reactive dyeing must be done by hand rather than by machine. At Passion Lilie, we use this ancient dyeing process to produce unique, authentic, eco-friendly clothing that resists fading. Learn more and shop our beautifully dyed products today.

Reactive dyes can be used to make everything from modern tie-dyed shirts to this Dusk Button Dress from Passion Lilie.

What Are Reactive Dyes?

Reactive dyes, also referred to as fabric reactive dyes, are dyes that chemically react with fabric. They affect the molecules of the fabric, making them a permanent part of whatever they dye. This is why they resist fading so much better than other dyes. They absorb and alter the color of fabric.

Because reactive dyes have been used on this fabric, the molecules of the fabric have been permanently changed by the dyes, making the fabric resistant to fading.

As an ethical, sustainable brand, Passion Lilie only uses natural binders and eco-friendly dyes in our reactive print paste. Tharangini Studio’s skilled artisans use a combination of ancient techniques and modern advances to produce the best results from our reactive dyeing process:

  1. First, our artisans dye the fabric its initial base color.
  2. Meanwhile, gum arabic resin crystals are fermented using a traditional recipe by soaking in water for two to three days to create a binder.
  3. Next, artisans hand block print the fabric using reactive dyes.
  4. After wrapping the fabric individually in recycled newspaper, they steam it for an entire day.
  5. Then they wash the fabric and cure it in the sun, allow its colors to develop.
  6. If any other colors are going to be added, our artisans repeat the first four steps with those colors.
  7. After they print, steam, wash, and cure the fabric, artisans remove any gum arabic residue, leaving behind a soft, beautifully printed fabric.

For more information about the methods of dyeing we use, read about our natural dyes (also known as plant- or vegetable-based dyes), eco dyes, and reactive dyes.

The Advantages of Reactive Dyes

Now that you know a little more about our reactive dyeing process, you may be wondering why we bother with such a time-consuming method. Reactive dyes come with a number of big benefits:

  • They’re more vibrant. Unlike other clothes, which become faded over time with wear and washing, reactive dyes keep their color.
  • They don’t bleed. Because reactive dyes become a part of the fabric, they don’t bleed onto other pieces of laundry.
  • They’re unique. There’s something special about handmade clothing and owning something truly one of a kind. With reactive dyeing, each piece of fabric is varied and unique.
  • They’re sustainable. The process of reactive printing is low waste and sustainable. All of the newspaper we use is recycled, and our gum arabic crystals are sourced from a sustainable grower.

Shop Passion Lilie Today

Ready to reap the advantages of reactive dyes? Shop these Passion Lilie products made with reactive dyes. Many of these popular items have limited sizes remaining in our current stock, so snag yours while you can!

Layla Organic Jersey Dress (XS)

Made using reactive dyes, Passion Lilie's Layla Organic Jersey Dress features a sophisticated stripe-on-stripe pattern that won't run or bleed when washed.

For standout sophistication, nothing beats this knit dress. Its gorgeous stripe-on-stripe pattern and starfish neckline create a one-of-a-kind look, while the soft, organic jersey cotton and side pockets offer comfort and convenience.

Triangles Shift Dress (M)

Passion Lilie's Triangles Shift Dress, pictured here, has a bold and vibrant color resulting from the reactive dyes used to make it.

Searching for something bold, yet still classy? This dress has it covered with an adventurous geometric pattern you can wear from the office to gallery openings, cocktail parties, and more.

Dusk Button Dress (L)

Made using reactive dyes, the beautiful starry pattern of each Passion Lilie Dusk Button Dress is as unique as the night sky.

Find all the comfort of a t-shirt with all the style and sophistication of a little black dress in the Dusk Button Dress. Friends, family, and even strangers will get lost gazing at its beautiful starry pattern.

Indigo Flowers Scarf

Made with sustainable reactive dyes and our reactive printing process, the Indigo Flowers Scarf from Passion Lilie makes you feel just as great as you look.

Add texture and pattern to any outfit with the Indigo Flowers Scarf. Made using reactive dyes, its rich indigo color can stand out while staying neutral for easy pairing with the rest of your outfit.

For a similar look in another pattern, check out our Indigo Dreams Scarf today. You can also shop more of Passion Lilie’s ethical apparel, read about our mission, or discover more fashion tips and trends on our blog.

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Trend of the Week: Ikat Print

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As you scroll through Passion Lilie’s collection of fashionable and ethical apparel, you can’t miss the ikat print. It’s both eye-catching and fun, it has a huge range, and it looks great on everything from statement pieces to entire dresses. Western cultures have been making ikat for centuries, and its creation is one we take great pride in. Ikat patterns can be found in Peru, Guatemala, Indonesia, Uzbekistan, and more. It’s a technique that has developed across the globe. Our artisans make ikat prints by hand in India, and we’d like to highlight the process for you to give new meaning to your ikat apparel.

This ikat print from Passion Lilie is fun, fashionable, and ethical.


Creating the Ikat Print

Ikat translates from Indonesian to English as “to tie” or “to bind.” Its name comes from the hands-on process of creating the pattern, described below. Although the results look like a print, ikat is actually a dyeing process rather than a printing process.

Step One

Many rows of yarn are laid out and stretched to about 10 meters, which will ultimately make 24 meters when woven. The rows of yarn will depend on how many different colors will be used in the ikat “print” creation process.

Step Two

The artisan draws lines on the yarn to indicate the final ikat print or pattern.

Artisans draw lines, such as these, on the yarn to indicate the final ikat print or pattern.

Step Three

Rubber bindings are placed along the lines to mark the pattern. These rubber bindings are crucial because they resist the dye. If it weren’t for these, the entire fabric would end up colored, and the pattern would not create the ikat print as expected.

Step Four

The yarn is dyed with the base or main color. All Passion Lilie products, including those with ikat prints, are made using plant and vegetable dyes, eco dyes, or organic dyes. We believe in using sustainable, environmentally responsible practices through every step of the process, so you can feel good about wearing our apparel and avoid harsh chemicals. You can learn more about ethical shopping with our ethical shopping guide.

Step Five

Next, the yarn is stretched out on poles in the sun to dry. Sun is very important to the ikat print creation process. Once the yarn has dried, the bindings are removed. If more colors are needed in the design, then steps 1–4 will be repeated until the final ikat print is complete.

Step Six

The ikat print is complete! The yarn is then placed on cones and on the loom.

Wearing the Ikat Print

Due to the care and attention to detail required by this process, each ikat print is truly one of a kind. The result of this process is fun, trendy fabrics that can be converted into a wide variety fashionable pieces. Browse several of our top ikat print items today and expand your wardrobe!

Beach Breeze Dress

This dress is perfect for the beach or even just to wear to work as a reminder of the sandy shores and ocean waves. The bright blue and white are a cheery combination, while the silhouette hugs your curves in all the right places.

Wear an ikat design from Passion Lilie, such as this Beach Breeze Dress with an ikat print.


Grey with Red Poncho

This poncho is a trendy way to switch things up from your usual jacket or blazer. The tie in the front is flattering yet comfortable. Embrace this ikat print anywhere from the office to your next special occasion.

Try Passion Lilie's Grey with Red Poncho for another vibrant ikat print or pattern.


Caribbean Ikat Scarf

With its bright blue hues and aquatic ikat print, this scarf can’t help but remind us of the Caribbean Sea. The tassels at the bottom add a little bit more fun to the texture as well. Wear it around your neck at dinner to accessorize your outfit, or wrap it around your shoulders to keep warm when the air conditioning is blasting.

Passion Lilie's Caribbean Ikat Scarf features the ikat print or pattern aquatic fans will love.


Chevron Headband

There’s nothing quite like a stylish headband to keep your hair out of your face. Whether you’re having a bad hair day or simply want to accessorize, this ikat print headband would be a great addition to your closet.

The stylish ikat pattern on Passion Lilie's Chevron Headband makes for a great way to accessorize with an ikat print.


Learn More About the Ikat Print

If you’re curious to learn more about the ikat print and its creation process, check out our Ikat Process video. Shop our collection for more ikat print apparel and accessories, and feel free to contact Passion Lilie with any questions. We love sharing the hard work of our artisans, and we know you will, too!

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Our Travels To India

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This January we had a very successful and productive trip to India. We got to visit most of our artisan groups from stitchers in Bangalore and Tirupur to block printers also in Bangalore and weavers in villages outside of Hyderabad. We finalized production for Spring 2018, worked on samples for Fall 2018 and even did some test prints for Spring 2019. And most importantly, we spent time growing our relationships with our partner groups.

Follow our Instagram @passionlilie for more pictures. 



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All The Hottest Spring 2018 Trends: Passion Lilie Edition

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The 2018 Spring season calls for less clothing and new trends, but are you ready? Sometimes it can be hard to shop ethically for the hottest new trends, but Passion Lilie is here to make it easy for you. From dark denim to pastels, we've got you covered on all levels! So sit back, relax and let us show you how ethical runway fashions can be.


Dark Denim

From cropped denim, to denim jackets and even denim on denim, this trend is definitely making a comeback. Strut your stuff in our Chambray Wrap Dress, and show 2018 just how ethically stylish you can be.


Plaid is one throwback trend that always seems to make its way back around. Our Bold Plaid Top is subtle yet bold and easy to pair with your favorite jeans or trousers.


Nothing says springtime like pastel colors. Our Olivia Shift Dress is the prettiest pastel pink and versatile enough to dress up or down!  


Stripes always have been and always will be a classic. Show up and show out in our Diagonal Stripe Dress! Who knew you could serve runway looks in an everyday dress? 


Mixing Prints

This trend might be the most difficult to style, but the boldest and most unique to rock. Between our Jessie Triangle Top and our Black Ikat Shorts, you'll be styling and profiling in no time!


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We Are on a Mission To Reduce Textile Wastage

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Happy Fair Trade Month!  

We are excited to launch our new mission of reducing textile wastage this October during Fair Trade Month. We took all our wastage and created useful and fun items that we hope will help you be more eco-friendly as well 

The Tote 

Aren't these perfect for your fruits and veggies? For only $5 you can add this tote bag onto your next order, in-store and online! This item will not only reduce textile wastage for Passion Lilie but it will also help reduce the use of plastic bags on your next grocery shopping trip. They even have a beautiful print so you can be stylish while doing so. Cheers to the eco-friendly shopper! 

The Re-Usable Napkin 

Fair Trade Colorful Ikat Reusable Napkins

Stop wiping the counter and your mouth with paper that gets thrown away. Let's reduce the wastage of paper towels by getting a re-usable napkin! These super cute napkins can be washed over and over again, so you're saving money and trees. Click here to purchase.  

The Headband 

Fair Trade Chevron Headband

Who says reducing textile wastage can't be fun? These boldly printed headbands add spice to any casual look. Throw one on for a walk to the store or even an afternoon outing with friends! Reducing textile wastage never looked so good. Click here to purchase.

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7 Fall 2017 Trends That Balance Cute and Comfortable

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This Autumn is all about comfy cute styles, which are versatile and hard to resist. There are 7 staple pieces that are a must have this upcoming season and thankfully there are fair trade companies, like us, who provide them. Let's get started: 


  1. The Jumpsuit

We're taking it back to the 90's! Summer 2017 was the season of the romper, so it's only right to make way for the jumpsuit this fall. Whether you pair the jumpsuit with heels or sneakers, this is one look that will always turn heads. Not only that, but it's always essential to keep one around when you need something quick, cute and easy to throw on.

         Navy Tucker Jumpsuit from Passion Lilie


  1. The Wide-Leg Pant

Wide leg pants are one of the holy grails for comfy cute styles. Once you get into this trend, it's hard to turn away, because who doesn't love to look effortlessly stylish while being extremely cozy? You can throw these on to go to work, with a basic tee, a statement necklace and heels. Or even dress them down with a crop top and sandals. Either way, you can't go wrong with wide leg pants.

Spinnaker Zig Zag Pants from Passion Lilie


  1. The Backpack

Another trend that's returned for a comeback is the backpack, miniature style. The small backpack trend is well suited for those of you who ditch your most essential items for a purse that's just not big enough. Although it's the least versatile out of the bunch, it definitely adds character to any casual look. Plus, it's close to impossible to lose or misplace.

 The Petra Backpack from Everlane


  1. The Oversized Pullover

Here's a trend that just about every woman on Earth has donned at one point in their lifetime: the oversized sweater. Whether it's your boyfriends, your dads or simply a sweater you bought a size too big, every woman's got one. The oversized pullover is perfect for layering and can be paired with a scarf and jeans or leggings. Although this piece is simple, it can be styled various different ways and will always ensure comfortability.

   Snuggle in Chevron Organic Fleece from Passion Lilie


  1. The Slip-on Sandal

A must have for Fall 2017 has got to be the slip-on sandal. Slides have always been essential to any casual wardrobe, however they're now being worn in a number of different ways and styles this year. From mules to pool slides, the slip-on sandal has become vital to the perfect fall wardrobe. The slip on sandal can be styled with just about anything and are nothing short of comfortable.

 Anne, Cognac Sandals from Deux Mains


  1. The Choker

The choker might be the least comfortable trend out of the group, however it might also be the most versatile. If you decide to dress formal or causal, the choker will always be there to add pizzazz to your look. Not to mention, the choker is a D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself) fanatic's dream! So if you don't have the cash for this staple item, any piece of old fabric you love or even an old necklace that's broken can be turned into a one-of-a-kind choker.

   Gedeco Moon Choker from Yumajai


  1. The Slip-on Dress

This one is a classic. The slip-on dress is easy and a frequent go-to. This piece can be worn with just about any kind of shoes, whether it's flowy and boldly patterned or a simple t-shirt dress. Additionally, this piece can be worn whether you're going for a night on the town or a quick run to the grocery store. Not to mention the slip-on dress will always be effortlessly chic and usually, when you're shopping with Passion Lilie, it will always have pockets for additional coziness.

             Bleu Palms Organic Knit Dress from Passion Lilie

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