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Shop for Good

Everyone knows about the big shopping holidays in the days immediately after Thanksgiving. While Black Friday and Cyber Monday get most of the attention, these are corporate holidays that focus on just one idea: saving money. But what if shoppers could take this opportunity to also do something good with their holiday purchases? Shop for Good Sunday is a relatively new shopping holiday that takes place the Sunday after Thanksgiving, falling on November 25th this year. Learn how you can support fair employment, quality craftsmanship, natural ingredients and products, and other positive missions by shopping ethical brands on Shop for Good Sunday.

What Is Shop for Good Sunday?

Ethical fashion

Shop for Good Sunday was created in 2016 by DoneGood, an online platform that helps shoppers find sustainable, ethical, and artisan-made products when they shop online. DoneGood uses its connections with these brands to promote ethical shopping the Sunday after Thanksgiving and throughout the entire month of November. Many partners offer exclusive deals through Shop for Good Sunday as well to help entice shoppers to put their dollars toward ethical brands instead of big corporations during the holiday season. At Passion Lilie, we’re offering 25% off through November with the promo code “Shop4Good.”

But it’s not all about saving money—it’s about putting your money toward better uses by supporting ethical brands. It doesn’t always feel like our individual purchases make a difference, but according to DoneGood, Americans spend more than $1 trillion every year on holiday gifts alone. That’s more than we donate to charity over the course of the entire year! Imagine the difference we could make together if we gave more of those dollars to brands that are working to help other people, animals, and the environment. By participating in the collective Shop for Good Sunday movement, we can. In addition to the 25% off you’ll receive from Passion Lilie, Done Good is donating 10% of all sales from this campaign to RAINN – the nation’s largest anti-sexual violence organization.

As a movement, Shop for Good Sunday has grown by leaps and bounds every year since its inception. More than 100 companies will participate this year, and the goal is to align our consumerism and commercialism with the true spirit of the holidays—giving back and helping out humanity.

An Enormous Potential Impact

black friday fair trade shopping

With consumer spending accounting for nearly 70% of the U.S. economy, and over a trillion dollars being spent on holiday shopping alone, the potential impact that could arise from changing the shopping habits of just a fraction of those buyers is immense. Even a small shift in consumer holiday spending from big businesses to companies that are fair trade, eco-friendly, or otherwise socially conscious could do wonders in improving the lives of so many disadvantaged people across the world, not to mention the enormous benefit it could have on our environment. The billions of dollars even a single percentage point of spending would generate could provide a much-needed source of funding for turning our planet around and improving workplace practices worldwide.

How to Participate

To get started, visit the Shop for Good Sunday website. You can learn more about the movement, see which businesses are associated with it, and even start your holiday shopping early. Many Shop for Good Sunday partners are offering 25% off all November, including Passion Lilie! So start making a difference with your dollars today.

Shopping at Passion Lilie on Shop for Good Sunday

Passion Lilie

Special Deals and Discounts

Passion Lilie Pineapple TotePineapple Tote

To celebrate Shop for Good Sunday, we are offering 25% off ALL purchases this November. Just use the code “Shop4Good” when you check out! Or shoppers can get 20% plus a free tote with coupon code: "ethicalfashion". 

These adorable and trendy totes are perfect for ethical shoppers on the go. Adorned with vibrant and unique designs, our bags are ethically made using environmentally friendly practices and fair trade artisans. You won’t believe how often you use this tote bag once you ditch plastic bags and replace them with this sustainable (and fashionable!) accessory. Even if you can’t shop with us this November 25th, take advantage of our other deals this November to use your purchasing power for good and receive a free tote bag in the process.

What Makes Our Brand Ethical and Sustainable?


ethical and sustainable fashion

At Passion Lilie, we truly love the environment and are always on the lookout for ways we can do our part to protect it for future generations. This is why all of our dyes are either natural dyes (made from plants or vegetables) or azo-free dyes (man-made dyes that are free from carcinogens and harmful toxins). We also recently transitioned to 100% organic, pesticide-free, non-GMO cotton for an even greener product. 

In addition to our eco-friendly materials, we make sustainability the cornerstone of our production process. Our fabrics are washed by hand in local waterways and then dried in the sun. Leftover pieces become the materials for accessories, such as scarves and headbands. By using natural energy, waste reduction, and water reduction, we can do our part to help preserve the environment every step of the way.

Fair Trade Federation Member

Fair Trade Federation Member

All Passion Lilie, we are a Fair Trade Federation Member, meaning our products are made using trade that is empowering, equal, and just. As a fair trade company, we partner with several production groups in India to produce our fabrics, apparel, and patterns. Even though our products are designed in New Orleans, each and every one is made in India. Every worker receives fair wages, works in safe and healthy conditions, can take time off, and much more. We ensure every worker receives fair and dignified employment that helps empower them to build a better future.

Celebrate Shop for Good Sunday in Style with Passion Lilie

Ready to celebrate Shop for Good Sunday in style? Shop Passion Lilie all November long with the code “Shop4Good” to receive 25% off your purchase, and shop with us on Shop for Good Sunday to receive 25% off or 20% off PLUS a free tote bag!

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