Printspiration: Spring 2017 Line

Spring always brings a host of changes to Passion Lilie designs and invigorates customers and our designer, Katie, alike. This spring brings a host of new silhouettes, patterns and designs that we have never tried before sprinkled with a couple fan favorites. I sat down to catch up with Katie to get a glimpse into her mind for the inspiration behind the Spring 2017 line. Check out a sneak peek of three BRAND NEW designs below and the story beneath the fabric:

Pink Pomegranate Dress

"This is a new silhouette for Passion Lilie that we have never done before! I love a simple shift dress but I also love things that look fitted at the same time. The dress has darts in the front and the back so it tailors to the body. I also wanted to reference fruit and summertime. Plus, I love pink because it is a color that will make you feel good when you wear it."

Aloha Blue Flowers Dress

"My inspiration is Hawaii and that beachy tropical vibe. Flowery prints like this are very typical in Hawaii. I'm a costume history buff and I love the turn of the century styles with an empire wast line, it's very flattering for a lot of body types."  

La Rosa Dress

"I've done quite a bit of travelling and I have always loved ethnic prints and dresses that are beachy and breezy and can simply be comfortable for travelling. I wanted something flowy and easy to slip on that was a bit loose at the waist where you can indulge for dinner but still be comfortable in your dress. I've been wanting to do embroidery for a long time and in terms of the style I wanted a South American boho vibe, which is why the flowers are a throwback to vintage embroidery. This is another new silhouette for Spring 2017!"

Check back in with us in the beginning of March to see our FULL Spring 2017 line of brand-new fair trade clothing from Passion Lilie! 

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  • Patricia Gilbert

    I have one of the La Rosa dresses in extra small. Everywhere I go, I get immediate praise from women. They ask me where I got it. I really need one in small now, and I am hoping this will come up in your line again so I can let everyone know where they can get it, after I get one first! Can you help me?

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