How to wear a long cardigan

Winter can get kind of boring if you don't have the right cardigans! Read this post for ideas on how to style our beautiful organic fleece long cardigan.

What is organic fleece?

Organic fleece is a soft material normally made from cotton that can be harvested 100% organic and fair trade. There are many brands trying to incorporate this material to make warm clothing that is much less expensive than wool or cashmere.
Not only does organic fleece keep you warm but it is also super soft and cozy to wear during cold weather!
Idea 1: The basic high waisted jeans + long sleeve shirt and our cardigan
There is nothing more simple and basic as this combination. You don't even have to think about it, the thing we like most about this sweater is the neutral colored print on it so it's perfect for layering over plain colors and adding style to your basic outfits.
long cardigan 1
Idea 2: Wear this cardigan over a dress or skirt
The length of our long cardigan is a great option for layering this over any dress or skirt. You can play around with the formality by either wearing comfortable shoes or high heels and it's also a great outfit idea for work.
long cardigan 2
Idea 3: Chic and casual wide leg pants + our long cardigan
There's nothing more edgy and comfortable than wide leg pants. If you haven't tried wearing them they flatter almost any body type because of the large design around the legs and they are another option to wear when you get bored of using jeans, leggings and skirts.
long cardigan 3

Choose sustainable materials in your clothes 

We know it can be hard sometimes to try and purchase with the intention of buying quality over quantity, but when you decide to add something organic and sustainable to your wardrobe it not only saves the planet but it provides a fair paid job to someone who really needs it in marginalized countries. We like to say that fair trade is not charity, but it is a way of shopping with intention. We like to empower all of our workers in India that work directly to make each fabric unique and beautiful and we also commit to using sustainable materials in our clothing.
You can always read more about us here, and we hope to be the next brand you decide to add to your wardrobe! 

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