Gift idea: The perfect jersey scarf

Read this post to discover the perfect gift idea for this season, a jersey scarf from Passion Lilie that was made with a hand block printing process.  

We know how hard it is sometimes to look for a perfect gift for your friends or family during this holiday season. 

That's why an organic cotton jersey scarf is always a good idea for a gift, not only is it affordable but the chances someone will like a scarf are high! They are great for gifting because you don't have to worry about the size, all you have to do is choose a style you like! 

But that's not all...if you gift something that was ethically made and empowers artisans in India, you are not just gifting an everyday are giving back more than you imagine by proving jobs for women who need it and paying the fair price of organic clothing. It's a win/win right?

So here are some ideas on how to style a scarf! You'll never get bored of wearing it if you learn to be creative with your wardrobe and style the same accessory in multiple ways. 

Look 1: Classic and loose


Look 2: a tie around your neck


Look 3: wear it as a shawl and show off the print


When you wear our scarves layered over your outfit the hand block print will elevate your style. Wear it formal with a white blouse and heels or wear it casual like the image below.




Thanks to our model Natalia from The Mindful Choice where she shares more sustainable style tips too. 


Our scarves have a timeless print

Whenever you purchase at Passion Lilie, you will find many of our designs have prints on them, because we love to support the beauty of hand block printing  and create timeless designs that are wearable without an expiration date. Prints never go out of fashion if you learn to wear them properly layering over neutral colors. If you have a more edgy style you can definitely layer our scarves over vivid colors too! 


What is hand block printing?

It is an ancient practice that is originally from China and India where you print on fabrics with blocks of wood. All of our designs are made in India and designed in New Orleans where we combine teamwork to create ethical garments for you.

Overall purchasing a scarf that has a unique hand block print made by artisans in India is a beautiful present for someone else or for you because you are changing lives and at the same time buying a stylish ethical accessory!

Check out more options for holiday shopping here. Support ethical and handmade fashion!


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