Ethical Gifts That Pair Perfectly with Your Bestie’s Astrological Sign

If you are anything like me, the holiday season, birthdays, baby showers—essentially any event that entails a gift—gives you equal parts anxiety and elation. I’m quick to pick the gifts for my friends that I would obviously enjoy, but not always what my bestie would really want. But the best way to pick out a gift? Figure out their sign—their imprint in the stars gives away everything you need to know about their character to nail that perfect gift. And, to boot, all of these gifts are ethically sourced and give back to the earth and communities around the world. What’s not to love? 


Capricorns tend to be the practical force in your life. They’re resourceful and surrogate parents when you need them to be, so they tend to gravitate towards gifts that are actually functional— you know, that they will actually use. Behold, the You Can and You Will Mug by Lionheart Prints. Not only is the mug functional for your everyday cup of coffee, but these words of wisdom will inspire the Capricorn of your life, or whoever they interact with throughout their day, first thing in the AM.


What truly stimulates the Aquarius is a gift that spurs their intellectual curiosity and provides them something new and creative to learn about. Check out this Kantha Beaded Grid Cuff, it’s handmade by artisan collectives in India by recycled saris. When the saris wear down, they are wrapped around these tiny wooden beads and transformed into gorgeous accessories! The stories wrapped up in these wooden beads are sure to tickle the heart and mind of that quirky Aquarius in your life.



The Pisces is the dreamer of the zodiac. A natural explorer, the sign of the fish tends to go with the waves and get lost constantly in their own imaginations. This Looking Glass Gloria Tote by Manos Zapotecas is a win-win—it has the stitching quality and design to purely marvel at and soothing blue accents to let your Pisces drift off seamlessly into their daydreams. Don’t worry, they’ll return to their meeting at work or family party with no regret for daydreams of the sea because it’s THAT beautiful.


The Aries has a streak of independence and contagious enthusiasm that can never be tamed. Have they been talking about taking that Route 66 road-trip for, like, ever? Gift them this Yami Black Backpack to give them that final push to take the adventure they’ve been dreaming about. This backpack is made by women in Ethiopia out of ethical leather and vegetable tanned. Just wait for the Aries to rave about their trip when they return home!


The Taurus is by far the earthiest sign in the stars. They don’t mind being alone and, at times, they actually prefer their alone time to contemplate and meditate about the meaning of their lives. That’s why this Oil Spill Choker by Porter Lyons would specifically call to them. The Occo Occo Geode stone encourages a free way of thinking and victory to work or play. Also, Porter Lyons is also New Orleans and women-owned. Score!


Geminis are the sign of two faces—they thrive on their own split personalities. Since they are an inconsistent character, a gift that compliments their impulsive nature is key. The Black Dash Poncho by—you guessed it—Passion Lilie is absolutely perfect for them! With an open, flowing design and a sash to taper in the fabric for a more fitted look, this layering piece of excellent for that Gemini in your life to get the best of both worlds.


Cancers are the pendulum sign in the zodiac. At first, they have an impermeable shell but when you become close to one, they have gooey, emotional centers that they protect relentlessly. What better way to embrace their warm, gooey center this holiday season than the best way to break through anyone’s shell: chocolate. Rich, decadent, ethical chocolate. We recommend Divine Chocolate with Hazelnuts and Cranberries to ring in the holiday season, and all incoming mood shifts for better and for worse that they bring.


Leos crave a gift that will scream LOOK AT ME. The queen of the fire signs, Leos are rambunctious with a massive ego that demands respect and adoration. They are the proudest of the zodiac pack, and you can trust that the chief Leo at Passion Lilie, yours truly, ADORES all colors that provide the perfect POP off of a white or black top. Behold, this gorgeous jewel-toned Classic Olive Ikat Scarf! It’s heavy enough to withstand wind and such an attention-grabber, I only have people ask me “Where did you get that scarf?!” about twelve times a day.


Virgos are perceptive and always plotting out their next steps in life. It is imperative for them to be mentally organized, therefore this Uzma Wood Journal will help them unleash their fullest potential for greatness—in their own style. This journal is made of wood and recycled cotton remnants in Northern India and provides low-income women opportunities for social prosperity.


There is no better friend in the zodiac than the Libra. Eternally fixed on always trying to make people happy, Libra’s are professionals at knowing how to see the world through another person’s shoes. That’s why a necklace from The Giving Keys would strike a true nerve in them. Crafted in Los Angeles by individuals transitioning out of homelessness, each necklace is made from recycled keys that are engraved with a word or phrase that the wearer needs for themselves, such as ‘Courage’ or ‘Strength.’ The idea is to pass on the necklace—and therefore the word—to someone in their life who needs that word more than they do when the time comes.


Scorpio’s are fiercely persistent and independent beyond measure. They need to be in control and have something they can use to their precise liking. That’s why this Cake Face Soaping Variety Pack is the BEST gift for the Scorpio in your life—they can use however much they like at any given time for any given day. Cake Face Soaping is also vegan, handmade and locally Louisiana owned.


There is one thing a Sagittarius despises above all other things—boredom. They always need mental and physical stimulation to unleash their curiosities. That’s why this Indian Rosewood Box Puzzle is the perfect gift to grace their desk at work or their coffee table in their spare down time! This puzzle is handmade in India by rural artisans and provides them a fair wage that quadruples their typical monthly income.



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