Celebrate 4th of July with Passion Lilie

It’s been 240 years, America.  We’ve swapped our grey wigs for beanies, but we’re still commemorating independence in style.  At Passion Lilie, we are committed to cultural exchange and women's empowerment through ethical fashion.  We’re proud to represent the United States in the conversation on fair trade and environmental sustainability. This 4th of July, slip on one of our Red White & Blue outfits, fire up the grill, and know that your Passion Lilie purchase helps preserve the natural beauty of our country and the world.  

Grab our hand block printed red, white, and blue sarong for your patriotic festivity of choice.  Wrap it as a dress for a barbecue in Houston, wear it as a beach cover up in Miami, or throw it on the grass for a picnic in Michigan.  However you celebrate independence, and whatever the climate of your state calls for, this sarong has got you covered.  

Pair the Stripes Shift Dress with a red accessory, and all that's missing is the stars.  Luckily, the dress is comfortable enough for you to lay back on a blanket and look up at them. Enjoy comfortable movement in this airy but well-structured number, and see where the night's revelry takes you. And don’t forget to wear mosquito repellent.

The Mosaic Red Dress is a stellar choice for a family gathering.  With its timeless silhouette, becoming on all ages, beware of grandmas, moms, and daughters all arriving wearing the same thing.  If this does happen, rest assured, everyone can accessorize differently to create an individual look. Grandmas might opt for a blue sunhat, while granddaughters might grunge the dress up with combat boots. 

Enjoy your 4th of July, and be safe!

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